Top 10 Uses for A Garden Shed

For the uninitiated amongst you, the garden shed is a truly remarkable structure. In fact, sometimes, even the most devout shed worshippers fail to realise its true potential. The shed can be a home within a home and a place to contemplate, tackle (and escape) life’s many challenges. It is an outdoor hub for work, rest and play. So, whether you’re about to purchase your first wooden shed or are a seasoned ‘sheddie’, without further ado, let’s run through the top ten uses for a garden shed.

Top uses for a garden shed

1. Storage – This is what they were originally designed for, isn’t it? Sheds are the perfect place to house lawnmowers, garden tools and bicycles, protected from the elements, safe from unwanted attention, and ready for immediate use.

2. Workshop – What better place is there to get those potentially messy jobs done? Whether you’re filing wood, lathing metal, or cleaning tools, the shed provides a sheltered, tranquil environment, without the worry of making a mess on the kitchen worktop or living room carpet.

3. Potting plants – Here at Shedstore, we sell a fantastic range of premium potting sheds at highly-competitive prices. They’re places to give your plants a great start in life and where you can gather your eagerly anticipated harvest. They also have plenty of storage room, so you can keep your gardening tools and paraphernalia close to hand.

4. Home gym – Can you think of a better place to work out? There’s no need to waste time travelling to the local sports centre or paying expensive membership fees, and don’t worry about lugging that heavy equipment up the stairs, either. Offering a naturally cool temperature, conducive to rigorous exercise, the garden shed is the perfect place to attain your beach body.

5. Home office – Working from home is all the rage, isn’t it? Whether you’re a blue-collar or white-collar worker, a garden shed can easily be modified to accommodate your business needs. Many world-famous companies started their lives in sheds (and some are still run from them). Take a look at last week’s blog on this very subject to find out more.

More uses for a garden shed

6. Hideaway – Sometimes we just need to stop the world and get off. The shed is a place of sanctuary, away from screaming kids, demanding pets and ringing phones. It’s somewhere to sit and think, to be close to nature, and forget life’s competing demands…and, what’s more, it’s right outside your back door.

7. Playhouse – There’s more than one way to escape noisy kids. If you’re reluctant to give up the trappings of your living room, why not convert your old, wooden shed into a children’s playhouse? Make sure any damaged wood is replaced and any protruding nails are hammered down, give it a good clean and let your imagination and DIY skills get to work. If you'd rather purchase one ready-made, please take a moment to view our fantastic range of children's playhouses.

8. Man cave/ She shed – This one’s for the bigger kids amongst you. Imagine a cosy shelter at the bottom of the garden, which you can furnish entirely to your own tastes, without any input from the other-half. Erect some shelves, so you can save those old football programmes from the tip, ease on your tatty, old slippers (which you promised the wife you’d throw in the bin), tune into Test Match Special and put the kettle on. Ladies, I’m sure you have your own equally desirable scenario.

9. Guest accommodation – When you can’t agree whether the mother-in-law is coming to stay, why not reach a happy compromise? Clear out your tools and those bin bags full of leaves and cuttings; give the inside a thorough clean (the windows too…you shouldn’t deny your guests a view of the garden, after all); and move the spare bed, bedside table, heater, mirror, and all the rest of your spare-room’s furnishings into the shed, perfectly accommodating your welcome visitors and leaving everyone in the house happy.

10. Bar - *FOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS ONLY (PLEASE CHECK LICENSING LAWS) * - What a great place to keep beer and white wine cool and at the optimum temperature to drink…think how much you could store too! And then, of course, it’s nice and handy for your forthcoming garden parties and outdoor soirees.

Yet more uses for a garden shed

If you didn’t already, we hope that you now hold the not-so-humble garden shed in the highest possible esteem, so why not take a moment to browse through Shedstore’s fantastic range of garden sheds for sale? If you have any shed ideas of your own, please don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comments section below.