Once installed, your log cabin could look a little bare. It's a fair bet to say you know what you want from your log cabin, unless it was a surprise present – lucky you; no matter the final use, the first step is to make sure your new space is warm in winter and cool in summer.

Heating could be vital to the cabin’s use in the colder months. Wood burners, when correctly installed, are fantastic in log cabins: they blend in, they belong, they just look right. They also pump out an enormous amount of heat making your outdoor space toasty when there's snow and ice all around. Combine that with a comfy chair or two and you may find that you don't actually leave the cabin for days on end (if it is fully plumbed in). Your log cabin may 'just' (just!) be a play room for the family. Heat is still needed but perhaps a storage heater is more suitable than getting a wood burner stoked up and crackling.

Conversely, blinds on windows will shade the interior from any scorching summer sun keeping the whole room cool. You could also choose shutters. A fan – floor standing or ceiling (if height allows) – is another option. A mini-fridge is a favourite addition too.

Then, of course, there’s the space itself. If, for example, it's a rehearsal room for a wannabe teenage dancer or music star, then any furniture needs to be movable. Sound insulation may also be a wise move. There are plenty of other ideas too: home offices, home gyms, craft studios, a beauty salon, a guest room, a movie entertainment room, a home-schooling classroom or a garden pub even. The only limit is your imagination.

The best, the very best, log cabin interiors are personal. It doesn't matter what the style police are telling you to do. If you like shabby chic, then go with that. If you want Nordic clean line design, then crack on. If recycling everything floats your boat - obtained from a local boatyard and saved from a bonfire - then fantastic. Your log cabin is yours – so make it so.