Storage Ideas for Wooden Garages

A garage only becomes a great garage when everything is tidy, tucked away safely, and easily accessible. Simply throwing everything in and slamming shut the door isn’t good enough. And just think, with a little organisation there may even be room for your car. There’s a novel thought! Take a look at some of our top storage ideas.

wooden garage storage shelving unit


It is easy to bolt and screw simple shelving to a wooden garage. Always make sure that whatever you use is securely fitted as the weight put onto shelves and units can be large. Sawn down planks of wood are often a first choice, but a 4-tier bolted black shelving unit is even better. Constructed from galvanised steel the unit won’t rust and is sturdy enough to carry 30kg. The unit is easily constructed and the shelves are adjustable so that you always maximise the available space. Size options are available if four tiers are too many.

wooden garage storage

If shelving is too grand for your own garage, it is still a great idea to screw a few tool hooks to get spades, forks and rakes off the floor. If left languishing they will become trip hazards and will either get damaged or damage you. The space at the apex of a garage is often underused so it’s a good idea to sling and secure some strong rope to hold longer tools or those essential long off cuts of wood. They will only come in handy if you can quickly get your hands on them. Tubes with a large diameter are superb at holding dowelling, pipes and lengths of architrave. Keep things tidy for quick use. It’s a great place to store those awkward ladders.

wooden garage storage jars

Screws, bolts and nails often clog up a garage but are easily sorted by using jam jars. Cleaned, dried and with the lids screwed firmly to the underside of a shelf, using jam jars results in straight lines of graded bits and bobs. All you need to do is screw the whole jar away from the secured lid, use what you need and replace the jar into the lid. Simple. Effective.

wooden garage storage ceiling

Whatever you decide to utilise to get tools, water cans, nails and all your gardening bits and bobs sorted ensure units are bolted to the garage frame to prevent anything from toppling forward. Only screw into sound wood and never underestimate the total amount of weight you pile onto the shelving. Bags of compost and fertiliser soon begin to add up. And don’t neglect that roof space or vital corner units. Even a large garage quickly gets full.

And ideally plan your garage storage options when the garage is new, empty and ready to receive all your gardening gubbins. That doesn’t, however, mean that established garages can be ignored. With a little planning, most cars can be safely housed in their garages. Honest!