Spring Garden Guide: February Tasks

Spring Garden Guide: February Tasks

As the last of the Winter months roll by, now’s the time to planning and pruning the garden for Spring.

From preparing soil beds and pruning hedges, to planning what to plant in your Summer garden, there’s some simple tasks you can do to get your garden back in the best shape after the colder months.

Download our Spring garden guide, print it and pin it to the fridge as a reminder to plan and navigate the tasks you need to do as your garden wakes up from Winter.

Download the printable February edition below

Week 1

Complete winter digging of new plots and empty beds when the soil is not too wet or frozen.

Prepare your vegetable beds by sowing some seeds. Be sure to keep them under cover while the weather warms up.

Fork the soil in raised beds so it can aerate ready for growing.

Week 2

Start planning your summer garden by looking through seed catalogues to get some ideas.

Protect any fruit crops by placing netting over them. This will help keep the birds and squirrels away from them.

If your lawn is frosty or frozen, try your best to keep off it so you don’t compact the soil too much.

Week 3

Prune your hardy evergreen hedges so they can flourish again in the Spring.

Trim back deciduous hedges now before the birds make their nests for spring.

Check over all of your garden tools to make sure they don’t need replacing or repairing.

Week 4

Clean your greenhouse ready for the start of the new growing season.

Start chitting potatoes ready for the new growing season.

Get birds back into your garden by hanging fat balls or bird feeders.

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