Shedstore sponsors Shedfest

Shedstore is pleased to announce that we are proud sponsors of Shedfest @ Car Fest 2016

More and more people have realised they can create an entirely new living space in their garden and with the addition of a shed the possibilities are endless.

For many years, sheds have been a male dominated area but in recent years, we have seen the rise of the ‘She-shed’ – the woman’s answer to the ‘man-cave’. Whilst most men may be content with an old rusty shed, women are looking for a “home away from home” and designing beautiful getaways at the end of the garden. From beach huts to Cath Kidston themed shabby chic craft rooms, these sheds are like nothing you’ve seen before...

The traditional ‘Mancave' is of course still going strong, not just a battered old shed at the bottom of the garden but majestic builds which can have many uses – workshops, games rooms or even a pub! Who wouldn’t want a pub at the bottom of their garden!? They sure are becoming very popular, they can be large and elaborate or small and simple…

Think garden sheds are for the older generation? Think again! We’ve heard many stories about Britain’s younger generation starting to garden as a hobby which has enhanced the popularity of garden sheds even more, this time they are being used more and more for recreational purposes. Whether it be keeping any mess from hobbies under control or being able to contain everything in one place, the low-maintenance and hard-wearing building of a shed has become a hit with the younger generation too.

Shed of the year is back this year, this is our favourite national competition, not just because it’s all about sheds but because it beautifully showcases the imagination and creativity of shed lovers across the UK. Broadcast direct into our living rooms, Shed of the year is inspiring many people to get out into their garden and spruce up their shed.

Last year’s winner was the Inshriach Distillery which was once a dilapidated hen house which had been converted into a farm shop, ladies waiting room, saloon bar, and distillery.

We at Shedstore can’t wait to see this year’s entries as well as seeing how the lucky 15 families at Shedfest transform their sheds; we hope that we have given them some inspiration!

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