Shed Design: is apex better than pent?

Apex Sheds vs Pent Sheds

When selecting a shed, one of the factors you will need to consider is whether you would like an apex roof or a pent roof? Or have you conisdered a reverse apex roof? We take you through what you need to think about when it comes to shed roof design.

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What are you storing?

8x6 Shire Apex Durham Single Door Shed14x8 Traditional Heavy Pent ShedIf you are looking at tall items, apex sheds offer their maximum height in the centre run of the shed. Also, an apex has even eaves so you can store all but the tallest items around the sides of the shed.

A pent shed is higher at the front than at the back, so if you are happy storing all your tall items near the front, you will be fine. Measure your tallest ladder and compare to the measurements of the pent sheds you look at. Of course, you can always use roof space to store long items too.

Will you be working inside the shed?

8x6 Champion Heavy Duty Reverse Apex Single Door Shed12x10 Windsor Reverse Apex Shiplap WorkshopOne of the best sheds for workshops and hobby sheds is the reverse apex. This design offers more space for benching due to the location of the door on the side of the shed, rather than the gable. The central height of the eaves provides space to maneouvre comfortably as you work.

8x8 Windsor Wooden Combi Greenhouse Potting Shed10x11 Rowlinson Corner Potting ShedIf you are a keen grow your own gardener, let's throw the idea of a potting shed into the mix. The key design attraction is not the roof but the expanse of glass that keeps the environment warm while the shed-like rear provides storage as well as extra insulation.


Shed with SkyGuard EDM Membrane RoofYour apex shed will prove to be extremely watertight as both sloping eaves make it very easy for water to run straight off. Of course, the sloping roof of a pent shed can also get rid of water quickly but is two slopes better than one? As long as you check your shed each season, repairing felt and sealing gaps, either one will resist water damage.

If you want to make your shed roof impenetrable, consider a SkyGuard roof. This EDM membrane won't need replacing for 20-50 years and, as one piece, won't create gaps or allow water through.


7x5 Champion Heavy Duty Pent Shed with logstore8x8 Traditional Apex Security ShedFor gardens with restricted areas, the pent shed can easily be tucked under trees or compactly alongside a fence or wall. The apex will happily stand proud anywhere in the garden.


10x6 Champion Barnstyle Workshop7x7 Shire Barn Double Door Garden Shed10x8 Windsor All-Purpose Shiplap Pent ShedPersonal taste is, well, personal. You need to like the look of your shed. Apex sheds are often known by many as the “classic” or “traditional” style shed to have; whereas, pent sheds can be seen as contemporary due to their sleek lines.

However, the beauty of a shed is in the eye of the beholder (or shed owner).

If you want to learn more about pent and apex sheds take a look at our useful videos below.