Using Trellis in The Garden

At this time of year, you could be forgiven for having a garden that’s looking a little dull and empty; and we’re still a few months away from having borders full of blooms again. So, what can be done to liven an outdoor space up a little bit? A new flower perhaps? A garden ornament? No, that just won’t do; what’s needed is some wooden trellis panels. Versatile, attractive and durable; trellis panels are a must have for any garden.

Trellis panels

Wooden trellis panels are superb alternatives to traditional fence panels, forming aesthetic garden boundaries and partitions. With the Six Nations currently underway, fence panels could be thought of as a prop falling over the try line after a huge heave from the forwards – 5 points are awarded but supporters won’t be left open mouthed. Similarly, though fence panels clearly define boundary lines or partition gardens, they won’t receive a second glance from visiting family and friends. On the other hand, garden trellis panels represent a mazy run from a winger or fullback; the resulting 5 points is of course the same, but the flair, flamboyance and style will impress even those with no interest in the sport. Likewise, a seamless run of wooden trellis is bound to attract compliments from anyone attending your summer barbecues.

Trellis fencing

Perhaps you prefer total privacy in your garden, and although you appreciate the designs of trellis panels, you’ve opted for a new run of standard fencing. Why not consider a fence topper then? Wooden trellis is perfect for use as a fence topper, adding a touch of class to your garden boundary.

Trellis toppers

Garden trellis panels are not solely earmarked for usage as boundaries either; a few trellis panels can be used to obscure unsightly wheelie bins or compost piles; they make magnificent garden screens. If you’ve got a dull, barren brick wall, a couple of wooden trellis panels will add interest and finesse.

Trellis adding interest to a wall

Though trellis panels look fantastic by themselves, you can add a finishing touch with climbing plants. Climbing plants can be thought of as a Chris Ashton-esque swan dive at the end of the aforementioned mazy run; they will make your trellis panels look that little bit more special. There are an incredible range of options to choose from too; traditional roses, colourful honeysuckles, stunning jasmines, and so many more. Trellis panels and climbing plants are always a winning combination.

Trellis supporting climbers

Are there any trellis panel uses you think we’ve missed? Please leave a comment down below – we’d love to hear your ideas. And, if you’re looking for some trellis panels for your outdoor space, you’re in the right place; click here to browse through our extensive range.