Spruce up your garden this summer by giving your garden building a treatment it cannot refuse. When your finally happy with your garden, you have planted all the new plants, mowed the lawn and cleaned the decking. Your garden feature may be looking a little worse for wear due to the harsh Winters we are seeing more and more frequently. Your shed may have done well but your Summerhouse or Log cabin may have been hit hard. Either way, using a good preservative will replenish your shed and restore its defence against the outside conditions. 

Firstly, some outdoor buildings do not require any treatment as the timber that has been used to manufacture the shed for example has been pressure treated. Pressure treatment is a process in which a preservative is forced deep within the timber and gives it a green tint. The preservative stops any damage from rot or pests which saves money in the long run. Check out our range of Pressure treated sheds we have on offer if you want to avoid treating your shed in the future. Most Log cabins and Summerhouses we have on sale are pressure treated for added value for money.

Find out more about the treatment porcess in our video below:

Treating your shed

When it comes to treating, whether it is a pre-existing feature or a new addition, your garden building is an investment, one that provides security for storage or work/relaxation space all year round. Why spend all that money and then not treat your shed for it to then become susceptible to damage from the weather. Rot is a major issue when it comes to a Timber building and something that needs to be prevented at all costs.

We sell a top quality timber preservative that will re-vitalise any old timber sheds as well as create a resistance for new sheds. Applying the preservative is as easy as painting a shed. You can use a paint sprayer for a fine appliance or use a good old paint brush for a longer treatment process. Either way, your shed will gain a tough resistance to the number one killer. Rot. 

Our preservative can be found here and will provide up to 5 years resistance. The treatment is environmentally friendly, having no detrimental affect on your garden and the surrounding environment. A 5 litre tub will treat a standard 8x6 ft Shed easily, bare in mind if your shed is larger you will need to buy more so that you have an even spread. We advise that you treat your garden building as much as possible in respect, once every 2 years for example. Treating the timber will keep a strong core layer that fights off water damage and most of all dreaded rot.

Once rot sets in, your building will need fixing and restoring and can be deadly, waking up to a caved in shed is not ideal. 

Often when garden buildings are delivered they will come untreated, if that is the case we advise that you treat within six weeks so that your shed can build a defence layer. Treatment paints can be found at any DIY store and come in a range of colours to suit your preference. 

For anyone who wants there shed, log cabin, summerhouse or other garden features to provide long lasting enjoyment, treatment is crucial. Without the preservative, the timber can decay easily. Invest in your Shed and it will last a very long time.