More people are working from home than ever and many do so from an office in their garden. And why not? It saves all that tiresome commuting and with internet connections generally being better than ever, communication is easy. And if surrounded by plants and wildlife, surely the standard of work is better? A garden office is therefore one of the must have features of a modern garden.

Obviously, you have to stay legal so always check with your local council to see if any permissions are needed before erecting any building. Have a chat with the neighbours at the same time – get everyone on board and the whole process is easier.

Choosing an office for the garden is the exciting bit. Whatever you decide upon has to be right for your work and the garden. A building shouldn't dominate a garden design to the detriment of the rest of your patch yet it needs to be large enough to accommodate your needs now and for any future expansion.

Once you have any permissions needed and have chosen the design, you need to get any required utilities to the area where the building is going to be erected. Electricity is a must and drainage a possibility. Ensure all the work is done by qualified tradespeople and get all certification wherever required.

Siting of your garden office is vital to its success. It's tempting to pick a sunny spot and go with that – but it may make your ideal office a sauna. Equally, hidden in a dark corner, an office could become a dank, inhospitable cavern. Make a note of where the sun rises and sets at various times of the year (deciding on such an important aspect does and should take time).

So, permissions are in, design has been agreed and utilities sorted – now it’s time to get the groundwork in shape. Depending on the style and size of garden office you may need extensive footings, or a simple frame. Whatever is required (if you need advice get a professional to quote), do it right. Never skimp on foundations as the whole success of your garden office rests on them.

Once the foundations are in place it's often a case of slotting together pre-cut, pre-treated lengths of wood to create the workplace of your dreams. If you are doing it yourself, read all instructions carefully and get help when putting the building together. Ensure the finished building is well insulated, ventilated and – of course - kitted out with all the luxuries you would expect: coffee machine, comfy chair and plenty of internet access. Even consider a water cooler!

One final point is that a well-stocked and furnished office is a burglar’s dream. Invest in the best security and always detail everything with your insurance company. It's better to be safe than sorry.