Through an annual de-clutter of the shed, you may have found that you really do not have lots of storage anymore. Maybe the kids have gone off to Uni and your shed is now free from bikes and other items that were consuming your sheds storage space before. How about you turn your shed into an outside living space that will keep you cosy in the Winter and allow you to make the most of the warmer weather in the Summer.

Firstly, if your shed has seen brighter days, take a look at our dedicated page on how to restore and fix any problems you might face with your shed.

Once your shed is back to a safe level, we advise that you take the time to insulate the shed as this will allow for winter use without having to wear 4-5 layers.

If you think you would rather not build your own bench seat, take a look at some of our small storage range which includes storage seats:

Building your own fitted bench seat

Fitting a bench is very easy and cheap and can be done in only a few hours. Depending on how large your shed is will depend on how big your bench can be. Smaller sheds will allow for a small seating bench whereas larger sheds will allow for a wide lying down section. Remember also that you may still need to store items so take that into account when planning how big your bench will be.

Materials needed

  • Solid 2x4 timber planks that will act as the support legs. 
  • Hammer and Nails/Screwdriver and Screws.
  • Tough OSB/Plywood board to create the seat top. 
  • Saw to cut lengths to appropriate size.
  • Sanding paper and Spirit level.


The first step is to take 4 solid timber lengths as these will act as the legs.

From there you want to take two long lengths of the same thickness and two shorter and create the frame.
Use long screws and screw together the frame to create the frame.

Once you have got your frame, flip it upside down so that the legs face upwards.

Cut 4 small squares that exceed the diameter of the legs and screw them onto each of the 4 legs.

Once your seat is made this will allow you to screw down the seat to your sheds floor to secure it (remember however if you are putting your seat in the corner, the back sets of floor squares will have to be the same as one width of the leg so that they can fit against the wall too).

Now you have your frame and floor attachments, take some screws and push the seat up to the corner and attach both the one side to the sheds gable and then each leg to the floor. Your seat is now fixed and will not move.

Using a tape measure, work out how many lengths you can fit inside the frame and then cut them to fit between the frame. Using screws again attach them to give the seat a solid platform.

Once the frame is filled with the lengths you can take your OSB Sheet Board or Plywood and cut it to fit the top and then screw it onto the frame.

Using tongue and groove you can then create the exterior of the seat. Leave a gap on one side as this will allow you to store things underneath the seat or if you prefer to leave it all open for maximum storage then that is possible too.

Finally, Sand down all the sides so they have a smooth finish and then you have a seat that can withstand
lots of weight that is fixed to both the side and floor of your shed.

Grab yourself some Blankets and Cushions or even the top of a sofa bed and there you have the comfiest shed seat you can ask for, all for a low cost.

If you want to make the seat safer for the whole family, DIY stores sell rolls of soft sponge material that can be attached to the sides and this prevents any easy injury.