Autumn Garden Guide: October tasks

Autumn Garden Guide: October tasks

With autumn well and truly upon us, gardens and outdoor buildings/structures need a bit of TLC this month to make sure they are ready to withstand the colder weather and the leaves falling from trees. We look at all of the crucial October tasks to make sure your garden is fully prepared.

Download our Autumn Garden Guide, print it and pin it to your fridge so you don’t forget what needs to be done in the garden this month.

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Week 1

Save any half-hardy plants, including aquatic ones, from the upcoming winter chill by placing them in the greenhouse.

It’s time to plant spring bulbs and bedding! Doing this now ensures you’ll have an amazing display in the spring.

Clear your garden as often as necessary. Keep an eye out for any fallen leaves or overhanging plants to keep everything neat and tidy.

Week 2

Some plants flourish in the colder months. Replace any dull and dry looking summer containers with fresh ones for winter bedding plants.

Harvest delicious autumnal produce such as pumpkins and cabbages and store for future use.

Build or buy a cold frame to keep the colder months from affecting your younger plants.

Week 3

Move any citrus trees indoors away from the harsh and cold winter weather.

Now is the perfect time to plant a huge range of fruit trees in your garden for tasty treats next year.

Keep an eye on any diseased fruits and make sure they are all removed from the garden to avoid contaminating other plants.

Week 4

Give your lawn one final mow before leaving it for the winter. Also make sure you clean up any fallen leaves to keep grass in the sunlight.

Do a final trim of lawn edges and evergreen hedges to keep them looking prim and proper for the next few months.

Finish the collection of any seeds that you want to sow next year.