Seasonal Gardening Guides

  1. Summer Additions for your Shed

    With summer just around the corner, many of us are starting to take to our gardens once again. The benefits to the pursuit are endless. We're happier, healthier, and generally have better-off bank accounts because of the pursuit when we're growing our own produce. However, our storage sheds can sometimes take a back seat. After all, they're usually “out of sight and out of mind”, so they can suffer from years of neglect that can turn our gardens into unpleasant eyesores. Let's take a look at

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  2. Preparing your garden for spring

    Preparing your garden for spring

    The urge to garden becomes stronger with each day the late-winter sun rises higher in the sky.  Gardeners love reconnecting with the earth and waking up their garden to a new growing season.  Since it is never good to begin working the soil too early, there are projects that gardeners can do in early spring to fulfil their urge to begin their gardening season.  While completing tasks like clearing drainage ditches, repairing garden fixtures, organising and sharpening garden tools

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  3. Seasonal Plants for the March Garden

    Seasonal Plants for the March Garden

    The garden calendar begins to fill up with various activities during March.  Many gardens are starting to come alive with the warmer weather, signalling that spring has arrived.  March is a time for spring plants; trees and shrubs, climbers, and even new herbaceous perennial plants can still be planted as well.  Generally speaking, this is the time to complete soil preparation of beds and borders.  Digging or turning over the soil will help to provide ample ventilation for new plantings.  A cl

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  4. Treating Your Garden After Autumn Harvest

    Treating Your Garden After Autumn Harvest

    After the period of the autumn harvest has ceased, it is important to take proper care of the garden.  Post autumn gardening is actually the first stages of creating a healthy and successful garden in the next growing season.  One of the major tasks of this post-autumn gardening time involves winter pruning.  Some people are unsure about pruning and may even fear they may cause harm to plants by pruning them incorrectly.  However, pruning a plant the wrong way is often like

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  5. December: The Best Time for Rose Pruning

    December: The Best Time for Rose Pruning

    Rose pruning is a measure taken to ensure that plants will have vigorous growth in the new season and so they will flower each year; it is one of the winter garden jobs that must be done.  This is the ideal time for pruning flowering roses, though pruning roses can be done at any time during the time when the plant is dormant.  Rose pruning now can even give a winter garden an architectural look as well as help to prevent long shoots from suffering wind damage.  Follow these general

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  6. 5 Fun Easter Activities for Children

    5 Fun Easter Activities for Children

    Spend Time in the Garden With the Kids This Easter

    Looking for ways to keep the kids busy these Easter holidays? Well, with the children off school and the weather starting to heat up again, Easter is the perfect time to get children involved in gardening and outside enjoying the fresh air.  

    Here, we give you five great activities to encourage the children to get outside and enjoy their time off school:

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  7. How to prepare your shed for winter

    We all use sheds for different reasons; some sheds are used for household storage, others are used for storing garden items and some are even converted into extra living space. When winter is approaching it is important you evaluate everything inside and outside your shed to ensure it is weatherproof. It is easy for us all to forget about the shed/garden building until spring comes around again, we all think “it will be ok for a few months” but really, you need to take good care to keep it in g

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  8. It's winter, time to consider garden storage options

    As the nights draw in and gardeners retreat into various levels of hibernation, all the gardening equipment, furniture, tools and summer paraphernalia needs to be tucked up for a few months. 

    So what are my garden storage options for storing my bike or garden furniture?


    These are the obvious choice to house a lot of garden gear over winter. A new shed will not leak, will not be home

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