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Seasonal Gardening Guides

  1. The Shedstore Blog's Gardening To Do List - October

    Another new month and autumn is finally here in full force. Here you will find the key garden chores you need to take care of this month. Enjoy your time in the garden this October!

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  2. Container Gardening for Autumn

    Container Gardening for Autumn

    Just because summer has fizzled out doesn’t mean you can pack everything away and hibernate. Leave that for the bears in the woods.

    Clean down and plant up your containers for instant colour and continued interest until 2020 brings whatever 2020 fancies. Read on to find out all you need to know about autumn container gardening.


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  3. The Shedstore Blog's Gardening To Do List - August

    Garden To Do List for August

    Hello August!

    The key tasks for an organised, growing, healthy garden for this month are:

    1. Water all containers

    Plants growing in containers get thirsty. Consider fitting micro irrigation to your pots if you are going away on holiday for a fortnight (only if your neighbours can’t do your watering tasks!) and definitely group pots together in a shadier part of the garden. Even sun lovers will put up with a little bit of shade if it means less stress and lots of water from a handy hosepipe or watering can. 

    Water the surface of the compost and DO NOT spray over the foliage.

    2. Trim conifer hedges

    Now is a great time to trim up

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  4. The Shedstore Blog's Gardening To Do List - September

    Garden To Do List for September

    Hello September!

    The key tasks for an organised, growing, healthy garden for this month are:

    1. Clean greenhouses

    While the weather is still warm, get as much out the greenhouse as you can and give it a good clean. Compost, old leaves and general debris all encourage disease. If your cucumbers and tomatoes haven't finished, just clean around them.

    2. Plant spring flowering bulbs

    If there is ever a month for bulb planting, this is it. From daffodils and crocuses to lilies and alliums, plant as many bulbs as you can. Plant them in pots, planters or soil - just plant them! They will start to grow their roots before winter takes h

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  5. Get Your Shed Ready for Winter with Our Garden Shed MOT

    Get Your Shed Ready for Winter with Our Garden Shed MOT

    The Shedstore Shed MOT

    The summer is over. Weeks of unbroken sunshine, record temperatures and paddling pools will soon be nothing but a distant memory. Winter is coming, so it’s time to wrap up warm, batten down the hatches and protect all that we hold dear.

    For customers of Shedstore this can only mean one thing… It’s time to get your shed ready for winter with Shedstore’s 5-point Shed MOT.

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  6. A Seasonal Guide to the Greenhouse

    If you're interested in growing your own fruit and veg, this seasonal guide explaining what to grow and do in the greenhouse at each stage of the year will be of great help.

    One of the most valuable assets any gardener may possess is a greenhouse.  For those gardeners fortunate enough to have one, the growing season can be extended.  This enables gardeners to make the best use of the sun for longer periods of time. 

    A wide range of fruit and vegetable crops can be produced in a greenhouse.  Furthermore, since the greenhouse environment can be controlled, providing heat and extending the growing season it is important to understand which crops to plant during the different seasons of the year.

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  7. Prepare Your Greenhouse for Winter

    Prepare Your Greenhouse for Winter

    As winter’s frosty jaws bite deeper into the soft underbelly of autumn, now is the time to get your greenhouse sorted. No one wants tender plants to be savaged by the cold. Obviously.

    Choose a relatively warm, dry day and get everything out of your greenhouse. Give all staging a wash down with soapy water including the glazing. Pay particular attention to the nooks and crannies or anywhere that bugs can overwinter. Let it all dry and then put your plants back in. Diseases will be reduced and light levels maximised.

    If you can, put all your plants together on the staging in one half of the greenhouse. Choose the half away from the door. You can then put up a curtain of bubble plastic at this halfway point, in effect halving the length of your greenhouse. This will help in keeping heating costs down and your plants snug.

    The rest of your glazing can be insulated using bubble plastic. It’s easily fixed to both timber and metal framed

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  8. How to store your bike through the winter

    Looking after your bike pays off over time. If you keep it clean, store it well and repair any damage that may occur, you will be the owner of a long lasting, quality bike. You may require cleaning products to ensure your bike is spotless before storing away, it’s recommended that you use a standard cleaning soap with warm water for the exterior and then look into chain degreaser and engine cleaners, perhaps a dose of WD-40 too. You may like to go all out and use a wax to complete the cleaning stage.

    Once it’s had a good clean, get yourself a cover to keep it protected from rain and wind. This could be a specific bike cover or another breathable, fabric sheet just acting as a protector to your bike from dust and minor scratches in the shed or garage.

    Different types of bike stores

    There are many ways you can store bikes, especially in garden bike storage places, keeping them safe from damage and staying in good condition. How about a wall mount inside of th

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  9. Autumn Garden Guide: October tasks

    Autumn Garden Guide: October tasks

    Autumn Garden Guide: October tasks

    With autumn well and truly upon us, gardens and outdoor buildings/structures need a bit of TLC this month to make sure they are ready to withstand the colder weather and the leaves falling from trees. We look at all of the crucial October tasks to make sure your garden is fully prepared.

    Download our Autumn Garden Guide, print it and pin it to your fridge so you don’t forget what needs to be done in the garden this month.

    Download the October edition

    Week 1

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  10. Autumn Garden Guide: September Tasks

    Autumn Garden Guide: September Tasks

    Autumn Garden Guide: September tasks

    With summer on the way out, now is definitely the time to start thinking about your garden for autumn. We look at the September tasks that are absolute must-do to make sure your garden survives the change in season as well as making sure all of your hard work over the year doesn’t go to waste!

    birdhouse icon

    Week 1

    cleaning icon

    Start cleaning out your greenhouse for next year. This will reduce any risks of disease and nasty critters. It’s also a great time to give it a spruce up before it’s b

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