Outdoor Learning

  1. This is Why Your Shed Needs Guttering

    This is Why Your Shed Needs Guttering

    Maths isn’t my strong point. Countdown calculations give me headaches. Carol Vorderman doesn’t. When asked to find ‘x’ in an equation, I invariably point to said letter and say, ‘There it is.’ 7 x 8 always gets me counting on my fingers and if you move a negative number to the other side of the ‘=’ sign when fumbling around with algebra it either becomes a positive or you divide something. Or is it multiply? I struggle. To the nth degree.

    I do, however, understand 6x8 when it comes to a shed (see what I worked up to there - nice!) and just as vital, the importance of guttering.

    Your shed roof is large. It catches a lot of rainwater. I tried to find out how much water actually runs off an average sized shed roof in an average year in an average part of the UK. An average task you would think, but it proved to

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  2. Choosing the Perfect Playhouse for your Child and Garden

    Choosing the Perfect Playhouse for your Child and Garden

    Childhood playtime should be all about playing together, role play, imagination and connecting with the world around us. A playhouse can offer all these things.

    As children are exposed more and more to screen time, social media and gaming, a playhouse can help keep a balance with good old traditional play.

    So, you’ve decide to add a playhouse to your outdoor space, perhaps as a birthday gift or Christmas present. Now you need to decide on which playhouse is the one for you and your family.


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  3. Outdoor education with The Garden Classroom

    Outdoor education with The Garden Classroom

    Earlier this month we caught up with Marnie Rose, CEO The Garden Classroom, to find out more about their work and how they help educate young people about natural environments and the importance of getting people outside. Check out our interview below.

    Our interview with The Garden Classroom

    1. What is the overall aim of the work that you do with young people?

    The Garden Classroom delivers high-quality outdoor education and recreation in natural environments to inner city people focusing mainly on children, young people and families.

    2. You’ve recently become a charity, how has that changed things for you at The Garden Classroom?

    Since becoming a charity funding opportunities have risen for us as an organisation. The charity status also affirms what we do – that our service is essentially charitable and essential to health a

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  4. Encouraging outdoor learning: funds and projects across the UK

    Encouraging outdoor learning: funds and projects across the UK

    Outdoor learning is a huge part of education and development and is becoming more and more important as people take more of a stance to produce their own food and become more self-sufficient.  But this doesn’t just end at gardening. We look at some fantastic projects, funds, and schools that are actively promoting outdoor learning to help encourage more people to get outside. Whether it is for gardening, learning about ecosystems, or simply participating in community events, these projects are helping to make a difference in their communities.

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