Kids in the Garden

  1. A Playhouse to Make Christmas Magical

    A Playhouse to Make Christmas Magical

    A playhouse makes a very special Christmas gift. It’s somewhere to learn, socialise and, best of all, have fun. View some our finest playhouses here and discover why they’re such a great investment.

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  2. Our Top 5 Garden Games

    Our Top 5 Garden Games

    There’s nothing quite like a garden game, is there? What else offers the whole family so many hours of garden fun and helps create no end of happy memories? In fact, when you think about it, outdoor games benefit us a lot more than we think. They give us the chance to learn invaluable life skills, such as how to win, lose and follow rules, as well as the freedom to breathe in fresh air and get a bit of exercise, all within the safe confines of the family home.

    Here at Shedstore, we love garden games and, following a discussion in the office and warehouse, we’d like to share our 5 favourites with you. So, before we change our minds, and in reverse order, here they are:

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  3. Choosing the Perfect Playhouse for Your Child and Garden

    Choosing the Perfect Playhouse for Your Child and Garden

    Encourage Outdoor Play with a Playhouse

    Childhood playtime should be all about playing together, role play, imagination, making magical memories and connecting with the world around us. A playhouse can offer all these things.

    As children are exposed more and more to screen time, social media and gaming, a playhouse can help keep a balance with good old traditional play.

    So, you’ve wisely decided to add a playhouse to your outdoor space, perhaps as a birthday gift or Christmas present for your children. Now you need to decide on which playhouse is the one for you and your family.

    Why Choose Wood?

    The natural timbers of a wooden playhouse help them to blend in with the traditional garden. From the quaint wendy house right up to the chalet style playhouse with a dormer and second floor, the wood construction makes a playhouse seem like a ‘grown up’ home j

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  4. How to Make a Shed Child-Friendly

    When was the last time you crawled on your hands and knees around your garden’s shed? As strange as that may sound, maybe you should give it a try. If you have children, you should be well aware that they have a natural tendency to explore their everyday environment; therefore, it’s vital to check things out from their perspective to ensure that your garden and shed are child friendly.

    When we hear the term “baby proofing” or “childproofing”, we often first think of babies. However, whether we like to believe it or not, the leading cause of death in kids 14 years of age and under is due to unintentional injury. What’s more astonishing is that more than a third of these injuries occur right at home. With that being said, it’s clear to see that safety in the home and garden is something that we can never take too seriously. But at the same time, we also want to make our children’s time outdoors as enjoyable as possible.

    Childproof Your Shed

    While supervision

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  5. An Interview with Father Nature

    An Interview with Father Nature

    Earlier this month we caught up with Crispin Swayne and Paula Webb, Co-Directors of Father Nature, to find out more about their community projects and how they connect people living in cities with nature. Check out our interview below.

    Our Interview with Father Nature

    1. You run a variety of community projects to help connect people in the inner city with nature. What are some of the key benefits you have seen from these projects?

    One of the reasons we started Father Nature was because we saw time and again how magical nature is as a platform to improve communication between people, whether it’s isolated pensioners, out of work youths or struggling young families.

    We see such joy from the people we work with when they discover how accessible nature is, even in the

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  6. An Interview with The Garden Classroom

    An Interview with The Garden Classroom

    Earlier this month, we caught up with Marnie Rose, CEO of The Garden Classroom, to find out more about their work and how they help educate young people about the natural environment and the importance of getting outside. Check out our interview below.

    Our Interview with The Garden Classroom

    1. What is the overall aim of the work that you do with young people?

    The Garden Classroom delivers high-quality outdoor education and recreation in natural environments to inner-city people, focusing mainly on children, young people and families.

    2. You’ve recently become a charity. How has that changed things for you at The Garden Classroom?

    Since becoming a charity, funding opportunities have risen for us as an organisation. The charity s

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  7. An Interview with the Country Trust

    An Interview with the Country Trust

    Earlier this month, we caught up with Phil Hesmondhalgh, Head of Communications at the Country Trust, to find out more about what they do and how important it is for children to get into the countryside and learn about food production and where their food comes from.

    Check out our interview below and be sure to visit their website for more information.

    Our Interview with the Country Trust

    1. You currently work in 11 areas of England and Wales. Are you looking to expand your operations over the coming years?

    The Country Trust is a small but dynamic education charity, which works with around 25,000 children every year, from primary schools in deprived urban areas, to bring food, farming and the countryside alive f

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  8. An Interview with Growing Family

    An Interview with Growing Family

    We caught up with Catherine Hughes, owner of the Growing Family blog, to talk about spending time on allotments and fitting gardening in around a hectic family lifestyle.

    Catherine is a firm believer in getting children interested in gardening from a young age and works with them in the garden to encourage their involvement. Check out our interview below.

    Our Interview with Growing Family

    1. When did you first form an interest in gardening?

    When I was about 7 years old; my dad gave me my own little patch at his allotment and I was hooked.

    I remember loving how hands-on it was and finding the whole process of planting a seed and watching it grow completely magical. I liked getting grubby too!

    2. You used to spend a lot of tim

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  9. Projects to Get Children into Gardening

    Projects to Get Children into Gardening

    We all know how important it is to get children into gardening – they spend time outside getting active, learn about nature and sustainability, and find out where their food comes from and how it affects their health.

    But we also know that getting kids involved can be difficult. They have short attention spans, can be impatient for results and find it more difficult than adults to deal with failure.

    Bearing all this in mind, we think that it’s useful to approach children’s gardening as a series of projects, designed to spark their interest and ensure that they see the fruits of their labour, with all the satisfaction this brings.

    Whether you’re a parent or teacher, you’ll find that having a plan for your children’s gardening activities, at home or at school, will make the whole experience a lot more fun for everyone. 

    Some Great Starter Projects

    Grow their own food

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  10. Top 5 family garden games and gift ideas

    Top 5 family garden games and gift ideas

    Choose from a huge range of garden games, from timeless classics to games for all ages. Get out and make the most of the garden with these fun, challenging and adventurous garden games that the whole family can enjoy.

    Giant Jenga Tower

    Giant Jenga Tower - Garden Games at Shedstore

    Big on size and big on fun, giant Jenga is eight times the size of the classic Jenga game. Build the tower then r

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