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  1. What Is Cladding Thickness?

    What Is Cladding Thickness?

    Cladding is the material that makes up the outer structure of a garden building; in other words, the walls, floor and roof.

    The measurements given in shed, summer house and log cabin descriptions, relating to these features, are referring to their thickness.

    If, however, one measurement is given prominence, or is referred to in the title of the garden building, it will be describing the walls.

    Therefore, 'cladding thickness' is generally just another name for wall thickness.

    Is Cladding Thickness Important?

    In relation to wooden sheds, log cabins and, to a slightly lesser extent, summerhouses, the answer is yes.

    When it comes to metal and plastic sheds, cladding thickness is not very important. The main focus here should be on the type of metal or plastic used as cladding.

    So, let's take a look at the cladding thickness of different types of wooden garden building and why it sho

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  2. Container Gardening for Autumn

    Container Gardening for Autumn

    Just because summer has fizzled out doesn’t mean you can pack everything away and hibernate. Leave that for the bears in the woods.

    Clean down and plant up your containers for instant colour and continued interest until 2020 brings whatever 2020 fancies. Read on to find out all you need to know about autumn container gardening.


    For Fantastic Autumn Containers

    A 2-tier wooden potting bench with plants and containers on both tiers

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  3. The Best Security Sheds

    The Best Security Sheds

    What Makes a Shed a Security Shed?

    Some sheds are expressly designed and marketed as security sheds, while others offer excellent levels of security as part of an all-round high-quality build.

    If you want an exceptionally secure shed, some of the features you should look for are a robust structure, a strong lock or padlock fixing, an absence of accessible windows, security bolts and hidden hinges.

    This list is by no means exhaustive and different manufacturers frequently develop new ways of ensuring their sheds offer high levels of security.

    These are 5 of our favourite market-leading security sheds. Read on to find out why…

    5 Top Security Sheds

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  4. A Fresh Look at Garden Seating

    A Fresh Look at Garden Seating

    Garden Seating Has Moved On

    Garden seating has changed immeasurably from the days when most people used to relax outdoors on a pair of rusty, old deckchairs.

    Nowadays, there are a whole host of beautifully designed outdoor seats available, suitable for almost any occasion.

    Here at Shedstore, we believe that garden seating should be as well-made and stylish as the furniture in our lounges or dining rooms, so we strive to offer our customers the very best outdoor furniture on the market.

    A wooden garden swing seat arbour with trellis sides.

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