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  1. The Shedstore Blog's Gardening To Do List - August

    Garden To Do List for August

    Hello August!

    The key tasks for an organised, growing, healthy garden for this month are:

    1. Water all containers

    Plants growing in containers get thirsty. Consider fitting micro irrigation to your pots if you are going away on holiday for a fortnight (only if your neighbours can’t do your watering tasks!) and definitely group pots together in a shadier part of the garden. Even sun lovers will put up with a little bit of shade if it means less stress and lots of water from a handy hosepipe or watering can. 

    Water the surface of the compost and DO NOT spray over the foliage.

    2. Trim conifer hedges

    Now is a great time to trim up

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  2. Using Solar Power in Garden Buildings

    Using Solar Power in Garden Buildings

    Add power to your shed or summer house without an electrician

    To make the most out of any shed, workshop, summerhouse or log cabin, you need to have lighting and power.

    This does not mean paying the high costs of an electrician laying cables under the lawn and wiring the outdoor building up to the mains. Instead, the easiest and most cost effective choice is to use solar power in garden buildings.

    solar lighting in a summer house

    Here we take a look at the amazing solar technology that makes it easy to add power to a shed or other external building without any specialist skills and without increasing electricity bills.

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  3. Why Should I Buy a Summer House?

    Why Should I Buy a Summer House?

    There are many reasons to buy a summer house - all involve adding space to your lifestyle

    Buying a summer house is the most attractive and cost-effective way to solve various space-related problems - all without the need for a home extension.

    Let’s take a look at the most popular reasons to buy a summer house, alongside examples of our fantastic range of summer houses for sale. 

    ... to create a garden retreat

    A wooden corner summer house with glazed double doors and 2 full-length windows.

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