Growing in the greenhouse

There's no better taste in the world than a freshly-picked 'hothouse tomato' – but there's so much more you can grow in an unheated greenhouse.

It's a win-win situation – tastier, organic, cheaper food; virtually no carbon footprint; no pesticides; you extend your gardening year and the extra activity gets you fitter.

The most important things before you touch a plant are safety and keeping the greenhouse clean. If you're getting a new one, consider getting it professionally installed. If you've inherited one, make sure the glass is secure with all clips in place and that the vents/louvres work.

To clean a greenhouse, hose down outside and inside to loosen dirt, pests and eggs, then clean glass with antibacterial washing-up liquid in warm water. Wash staging with a garden disinfectant like Citrox.

The easiest crops to grow in greenhouses

Cherry tomatoes: buy plug plants. Choose cordon (intermediate) varieties – these take up

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