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  1. Shedstore supports CarFest 2016

    Shedstore supports CarFest 2016

    Shedstore sponsors CarFest 2016

    Shedstore were delighted to support BBC’s CarFest for Children in need by donating fifteen sheds to their ShedFest competition. Fifteen lucky families were given the chance to go head-to-head as they raced to create their very own ‘dream shed’ during the 3 days of the festival. They had the ideas, we had the sheds, and Chris Evans and his team chose a winner!

    CarFest South took place during the August Bank Holiday weekend at the lovely Laverstoke Park Farm in Hampshire and we were lucky enough to bag tickets to check out the amazing shed transformations on Sunday. The weather was a bit dull but that certainly didn’t affect any of the excitement or dampen any spirits. We made our way straight to ShedFest to check out the family’s efforts.

    Here's a few of our favourite shed transformations...

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  2. Autumn Garden Guide: September Tasks

    Autumn Garden Guide: September Tasks

    Autumn Garden Guide: September tasks

    With summer on the way out, now is definitely the time to start thinking about your garden for autumn. We look at the September tasks that are absolute must-do to make sure your garden survives the change in season as well as making sure all of your hard work over the year doesn’t go to waste!

    birdhouse icon

    Week 1

    cleaning icon

    Start cleaning out your greenhouse for next year. This will reduce any risks of disease and nasty critters. It’s also a great time to give it a spruce up before it’s b

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  3. An Interview with Eat Seasonably

    An Interview with Eat Seasonably

    We caught up with the people behind Eat Seasonably, a website that focuses on growing your own or buying food that is in season. We chat about the benefits of this and how eating seasonably can cut the cost of fruit and veg, whilst tasting even more delicious! Check out the interview below.

    Our Interview with Eat Seasonably

    1) What are the benefits of seasonal eating and why should people start doing it?

    Any idea when courgettes come into season? How about cucumbers? No? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Research shows that most people aren’t sure when most British fruit and vegetables are in season, which is a real shame as it means they’re missing out on when they’re at their absolute best.

    While it’s easy to enjoy blueberries with your breakfast in winter, being accustomed to buying whatever w

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  4. August gardening: Everything you need to know

    August gardening: Everything you need to know

    Lazy days slumbering in the sun? Forget that – it's still busy when it comes to gardening.

    Just when you thought it was safe to dust off the deckchair, slap on the sun cream or even dare to go away from the garden for a couple of weeks, August brings a lovely list of gardening tasks. It's a great time of year! Here're my tips for August gardening...

    What can be grown in August


    A lot of crops come to maturity now and need picking. Courgettes will quickly sell into marrows if you don't get them picked early, Carrots are at their tastiest if pulled earlier but do it on a still day. If it is windy the whiff of carrot foliage can still attract the next batch of carrot fly ( and they can sniff  a juicy root from a couple of miles away)

    It's also essential to keep a keen look out for aphids nibblin

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  5. An Interview with The Mushroom Diary

    An Interview with The Mushroom Diary

    the mushroom diary logoThe Mushroom Diary is the fungi foraging blog. Here, the creator, John Harris, talks to us about all things mushroom-related, including identification, mushroom forays and seasonal delights.

    Read our exclusive interview with John below.

    Our Interview with The Mushroom Diary

    1. What was the driving force behind your passion for all things mushroom?

    It’s all about the ‘quiet hunt’ – apart from being enjoyable and (I have to confess) addictive, it can be very rewarding and enlightening. It’s not just the enjoyment of foraging for wild food, but also the opportunity to discover species I’ve never found before, followed by the challenge of identifying them.

    2. What type of mushrooms can you find in your own garden?

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  6. An Interview with Capital Growth - London's Food Growing Network

    An Interview with Capital Growth - London's Food Growing Network

    We spoke to the great people at Capital Growth, London’s food growing network with over 2,000 members, about what they do and how to get involved.

    They strive to get everyone growing, no matter where they work, what they do, or their age. Take a look at our interview with them below.

    Gardening Projects with Capital Growth

    1. As London’s largest food growing network, you work with over 2,000 gardens across the city. Where are most of your gardens concentrated?

    Our member gardens can be found in all of London’s 33 boroughs – there is probably one near you. You can check the Capital Growth garden map to find your closest food garden.

    The map also highlights the spaces that need volunteers (in

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  7. How Gardening Can Improve Your Health

    How Gardening Can Improve Your Health

    Research has proven what many gardeners have known for generations – that gardening is good for your health.

    There are a lot of positive reasons to start gardening. Whether you’re struggling with stress and mental health, or trying to be more active, look to gardening to help improve your health.

    If you’re a keen gardener, or just like to potter in the garden each summer, you will most likely already know that gardening is a great form of moderate exercise. Just 30 minutes of pulling weeds, planting new seeds and mowing lawns is enough to work your muscles and make you sweat.

    What you may not be aware of is that gardening can improve your health in many other ways too - regular gardening is good for the body, mind and spirit and we’re here to tell you why.

    Gardening Promotes Exercise

    Potting or planting seeds is a lovely gentle exercise for all age groups. While gardening and working out in your garden, you will be spending

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  8. How can gardening help hedgehogs?

    How can gardening help hedgehogs?

    The hedgehog is one of the most familiar of Britain’s wild animals. Known as ‘the gardener’s friend’ for their love of feasting on those pesky worms and slugs, hedgehogs can be spotted roaming our gardens at night but sadly the number of them in the UK is rapidly decreasing. So what’s happening to the hedgehog population?

    Why hedgehogs need help

    Hedgehogs once thrived in the UK – in the 1950’s there were over 30 million of our spikey friends – but now this figure has dropped to less than a million.

    The most significant reason behind the drop in numbers is the result of the loss of their natural habitat in Britain. The increase in population and the need for more housing is a concern. Hedgehogs need somewhere to shelter, hibernate and raise their young and hedges are the perfect place for this. They provide easy access in and out of a garden and, with leaves gathering at the bottom, it makes the perfect and cosy hedgehog hideaway. Yet sadly there is a declin

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