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  1. Shedstore sponsors Shedfest

    Shedstore sponsors Shedfest

    Shedstore is pleased to announce that we are proud sponsors of Shedfest @ Car Fest 2016

    More and more people have realised they can create an entirely new living space in their garden and with the addition of a shed the possibilities are endless.

    For many years, sheds have been a male dominated area but in recent years, we have seen the rise of the ‘She-shed’ – the woman’s answer to the ‘man-cave’. Whilst most men may be content with an old rusty shed, women are looking for a “home away from home” and designing beautiful getaways at the end of the garden. From beach huts to Cath Kidston themed shabby chic craft rooms, these sheds are like nothing you’ve seen before...

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  2. Our outdoor learning interview with Buglife

    Our outdoor learning interview with Buglife

    Following on from our showcase of Outdoor Learning projects and funds throughout the UK, we recently spoke with the guys over at Buglife about outdoor learning and how attitudes towards it have changed over recent years. We looked at the different aspects of outdoor learning, including the environment, wildlife, and conservation to get more of an idea about the work being carried out.

    Our interview with Buglife

    1. How do you think attitudes towards outdoor learning have changed over recent years?

    After a long period of risk adverse avoidance of outdoor learning, there is, at last, a movement towards recognising the value and benefits of outdoor classrooms though unfortunately the long period of deficit has led to a considerable skills and confidence gap which re

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  3. Our great interview with The Middle Sized Garden

    Our great interview with The Middle Sized Garden

    We recently spoke with Alexandra over at The Middle-Sized Garden about growing techniques, gardening tips, and effective seasonal gardening. Check out what Alexandra has to say below!

    Our middle-sized garden interview

    1. What challenges have you faced owning a middle-sized garden?

    The biggest challenge is that the garden is big enough to be quite a lot of work, but not quite big enough to have everything you want in it. For example, we’d love to have a greenhouse, but would have to re-design a part of the garden to get it in. The size also impacts on the budget – you can spend quite a lot per square foot on small courtyard gardens to make them look absolutely perfect, but it would be hugely expensive (and time-consuming) to be perfect in a middle-sized garden.

    2. Have you tried out a variet

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  4. Gardening with Grubby Little Faces: The ins and outs

    Gardening with Grubby Little Faces: The ins and outs

    We recently spoke with Clare over at Grubby Little Faces about attitudes towards gardening, seasonal planting, and the importance of people becoming more and more involved in growing their own food. Check out what Clare has to say on the matter below!

    Our interview with Grubby Little Faces

    1. When did you first form an interest in gardening?

    I grew up amongst a family of gardeners. My parents & both sets of grandparents had beautiful gardens, which they spent a lot of time looking after. My parents used to take my brother and I around garden centres or down to their allotment, and Friday night’s television was Geoff Hamilton on BBC Gardener’s World.

    Being surrounded by people who got a lot of enjoyment from gardening rubbed off on me. When my husband and I bought our first house with a tiny garden I knew I wanted to create som

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  5. April’s top 5 garden buildings

    April’s top 5 garden buildings
    Although the weather may not show it, we are slowly moving towards summer with warmer days and brighter skies. Because of that, we are looking at 5 of the best garden buildings to help you get your garden ready for summer.

    The best garden buildings

    8×6 Shed-Plus Overlap Dip Treated double door shed

    Constructed from 8mm overlap cladding, this dip treated shed has a ten-year guarantee against rot and decay, it does require annual treatment but is a practical shed boasting many key features;

    Unbreakable polycarbonate windows with security screws, 6 inch higher eaves than most other shed brands, strengthened doors with extra diagonal framing, hidden door hinges and a hasp and staple latch for extra security plus thick roof battens whi

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  6. Encouraging outdoor learning: funds and projects across the UK

    Encouraging outdoor learning: funds and projects across the UK

    Outdoor learning is a huge part of education and development and is becoming more and more important as people take more of a stance to produce their own food and become more self-sufficient.  But this doesn’t just end at gardening. We look at some fantastic projects, funds, and schools that are actively promoting outdoor learning to help encourage more people to get outside. Whether it is for gardening, learning about ecosystems, or simply participating in community events, these projects are helping to make a difference in their communities.

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