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  1. An Interview with Buglife

    An Interview with Buglife

    Following on from our showcase of outdoor learning projects and funds throughout the UK, we recently spoke with the guys over at Buglife about outdoor learning and how attitudes towards it have changed over recent years.

    We looked at the different aspects of outdoor learning, including the environment, wildlife and conservation, to get more of an idea about the work being carried out. Check out our interview below.

    Our Interview with Buglife

    1. How do you think attitudes towards outdoor learning have changed over recent years?

    After a long period of risk-averse avoidance of outdoor learning, there is, at last, a movement towards recognising the value and benefits of outdoor classrooms though, unfortunately, the long period of deficit has led to a considerable skills and a confidence gap, which

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  2. An Interview with The Middle Sized Garden

    An Interview with The Middle Sized Garden

    We recently spoke to Alexandra over at The Middle-Sized Garden about growing techniques, gardening tips, and effective seasonal gardening. Check out what Alexandra had to say below:

    Our Interview with The Middle-Sized Garden 

    1. What challenges have you faced owning a middle-sized garden?

    The biggest challenge is that the garden is big enough to be quite a lot of work, but not quite big enough to have everything you want in it. For example, we’d love to have a greenhouse, but would have to re-design a part of the garden to get it in.

    The size also impacts on the budget – you can spend quite a lot per square foot on small courtyard gardens to make them look absolutely perfect, but it would be hugely expensive (and time-consuming) to be perfect in a middle-sized garde

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