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  1. Spring Garden Guide: February Tasks

    Spring Garden Guide: February Tasks

    Spring Garden Guide: February Tasks

    As the last of the Winter months roll by, now’s the time to planning and pruning the garden for Spring.

    From preparing soil beds and pruning hedges, to planning what to plant in your Summer garden, there’s some simple tasks you can do to get your garden back in the best shape after the colder months.

    Download our Spring garden guide, print it and pin it to the fridge as a reminder to plan and navigate the tasks you need to do as your garden wakes up from Winter.

    Download the printable February edition below
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  2. Choosing the right bike storage

    Choosing the right bike storage

    When you’ve invested a significant amount of your pay cheque in a new bicycle, you’ll want to keep it clean, safe and in top condition. Perhaps that means keeping it in your house or your flat – if you have room. Most people don’t have the luxury of extra space for bike storage so it ends up in the hallway, leading to the inevitable knocks and scrapes against the walls which take their toll on both your bike and your paintwork. If there’s more than one bike in your household? Forget it.

    For people in flats or apartments, there’s the added complication of lugging the bike up several flights of stairs when the lifts are out of order. It would be tempting to leave the frame and wheels locked up outside – remember to lock up both wheels and frame, and take your seat with you as bike thieves are often frustratingly persistent. And if the criminals don’t get your bike, the British weather will. The best solution is definitely a bike store.

    What sort of bike stores are ava

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  3. Winter Garden Survival Guide: January

    Winter Garden Survival Guide: January

    Winter Garden Survival Guide: January tasks

    With winter almost over your garden will be thanking you for taking the time out to make sure it survived the colder months, but it isn’t out of the woods yet. There are still some final tasks you should consider to make sure your winter garden has survived and will continue to flourish throughout spring. Take a look at our useful calendar and help your garden make it through the final winter stretch.

    Check out our winter garden survival guide below, or download, print it out and pin it to your fridge so you don’t forget to keep your garden going over the colder months.

    Download the p
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