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  1. Edible garden sheds: the newest trend

    Edible garden sheds: the newest trend

    Traditionally the garden shed has simply functioned as a storage space for lawn and garden tools. However, people are finding new and inventive uses for their garden sheds ranging from outdoor entertainment spaces to home offices and art studios. One of the newest trends has been to turn the structure into an edible garden shed. One example of this trend is the Eathouse garden house that has living walls as well as a living roof. This combination garden shed and garden was constructed with metal pipes and crates stuffed with soil in which vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers are planted. This is great way to grow a wide range of healthy food in a relatively small space. While not everyone is making their shed into a literal garden like the Eathouse, the trend for many people is finding ways to grow a garden in a limited amount of space. One of the most obvious ways to accomplish this is by growing

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  2. Jobs to do in the garden in July

    Jobs to do in the garden in July

    July may be the height of the gardening season; it is a time of maintenance and harvest, giving you plenty of jobs to do in the garden in July.

    Garden maintenance involves adapting to the changing weather and completing the general tasks to keep and encourage the most growth in the garden.


    One of the most important garden tasks is watering; it must be watered thoroughly once or twice per week instead of little and often. Watering thoroughly will encourage the roots of plants to grow deeper in search of water instead of turning up toward the surface. The exception to this rule is for container gardens and hanging baskets which need watering every day to keep from drying out. They sometimes even require watering twice per day when the weather is extremely hot and windy.

    Watering recently planted large trees or shrubs should involve laying a hose at the base and having water trickle over the area for about an hour. Established

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  3. Amazing Journeys Undertaken in Garden Sheds

    Amazing Journeys Undertaken in Garden Sheds

    There's More to Garden Sheds than Meets the Eye

    Garden sheds are not only for storing tools and lawnmowers, they also make great garden getaways, places for social gatherings, offices, and even art studios.

    While these uses may not be all that surprising, some people have done things with their sheds that most of us wouldn't even consider in our wildest dreams. 

    In the first of our amazing stories, one man uses his garden shed for a 'journey' into outer space, whilst in the stories that follow you will read about sheds, themselves, that weren't just confined to the garden. We hope you enjoy reading these extraordinary adventures about sheds.

    Out of the Ordinary

    Imagine travelling to the stars from your own garden shed. That is exactly what one amateur astronomer did by creating a homemade telescope in his garden shed.

    Not only did Dave Grennan build his own telescope, he also discovered rare supern

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