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  1. Growing Plants that Help the Environment

    Growing Plants that Help the Environment

    At Shedstore, our products are designed for the great outdoors. We love our gardens and, naturally, the environment. So here's a topic close to our hearts...

    Plant, Plant and Plant Some More

    One of the easiest ways that people can reduce pollution on an individual level is by growing plants that help the environment. Creating more green material helps to purify the air, which leads toward a cleaner planet through the reduction of the effects of pollution. The benefits of all things green is undeniable. The increase of flora (trees, shrubs, herb gardens, house plants, vegetable crops, and decorative flowers) does actually help to reduce pollution.

    How do plants help the environment?

    The process by which the plants do this is a natural one; they release oxygen into the air as they take in carbon dioxide from the air, as well as filter out and eliminate some toxins. Furthermore, gree

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  2. How to Create a No Mow Lawn

    The benefits of a no mow lawn

    Creating a no mow lawn is a great way to welcome natural habitats for wildlife, while also creating relaxing and beautiful places for your family to enjoy the natural world. Many people are choosing to reduce the size of their lawns for various reasons; some do it as a way to reduce the amount of water they use, some do it to reduce the amount of maintenance and time required for upkeep and others do it to reduce their overall footprint on the environment. The fact is returning an outdoor space to a more native environment does all of the above, creating a virtually maintenance free landscape that still provides plenty of green coverage.

    What grass should be used to help create a no mow lawn?

    Generally, a mixture of three species of fine fescue grass is what makes up a no mow lawn. Requiring little specialised care, fescues have visual appeal and are quite hardy plants aswell. This grass is the ideal choice t

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