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  1. Bringing Solar Power to Your Garden

    Outdoor solar light has become very popular and quite practical for lighting up the garden, patio area, driveway, and other areas around the home.  The environmentally friendly light is warm, subtle and provides accent light for the home.  Outdoor solar lighting is generally simple to install and does not require other power sources or any wiring.  Since these lights do not use electricity, there will be no addition to the electricity bill when it comes.

    Solar power options can be very safe as they do not require power cords, making them useful in outdoor situations that include installation near ponds and/or swimming pools, and even for sheds or playhouses where children may be spending their time.

    The rechargeable batteries that are typically used in solar light products last about two years when they are properly cared for and allowed to recharge periodically.  The replacement batteries are easy to ord

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  2. Garden Planning Permission - What Do I Need It For?

    Garden Planning Permission - What Do I Need It For?

    Understanding Garden Planning Permission

    The way that gardens are used today has changed from the past.  The garden area is often seen as land on which to create additional living space, becoming an extension of the home.  The clever way of adding extra space without needed planning permission is with outbuildings.  Larger plots of land offer opportunities to build multiple outbuildings under permitted development.  

    There are rules that govern outbuildings such as sheds, garages, greenhouses as well as other ancillary garden building structures like ponds, sauna cabins, swimming pools, kennels, and other enclosures like tennis courts. The following are general guidelines pertaining to these permissions, but it is important to understand that there may be different regulations that apply from different councils. 

    Be sure the check with the local council for information specific to the area of concern.

    Permitted but

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  3. How to Insulate a Shed - What You Need To Know

    Shed Insulation

    Thinking about insulating your shed? Not sure where to start? Read our guide to shed insulation for all the top tips you need.

    shed insulation

    Can I Insulate My Shed?

    When it comes to shed insulation, it is important to understand that not all sheds are ideally suited for insulation.  Metal sheds and small plastic sheds tend to not have a construction that lends well to shed insulation; at least not via the process that will be discussed below.  It may be advisable to change the shed to a more robust type that can accept shed insulation. Generally, any type of standard timber shed can accept shed insulation to help it retain heat better in the months of colder weather. 

    Why Should I Insulate My Shed?


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