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  1. December: The Best Time for Rose Pruning

    December: The Best Time for Rose Pruning

    Rose pruning is a measure taken to ensure that plants will have vigorous growth in the new season and so they will flower each year; it is one of the winter garden jobs that must be done.  This is the ideal time for pruning flowering roses, though pruning roses can be done at any time during the time when the plant is dormant.  Rose pruning now can even give a winter garden an architectural look as well as help to prevent long shoots from suffering wind damage.  Follow these general tips to improve the health as well as the lifespan of any rose.

    General Guidelines

    • Make cuts approximately 5 millimetres or a quarter of an inch above a bud.  So water will not collect on the bud, make sure the cut slopes away from it.  Whether deadheading, removing dead wood, or just annual pruning all cuts should be as such

    • An open-centred shape can be encouraged by cutting an outward-facing bud.  On the other h
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  2. Treating Your Garden After Autumn Harvest

    Treating Your Garden After Autumn Harvest

    After the period of the autumn harvest has ceased, it is important to take proper care of the garden.  Post autumn gardening is actually the first stages of creating a healthy and successful garden in the next growing season.  One of the major tasks of this post-autumn gardening time involves winter pruning.  Some people are unsure about pruning and may even fear they may cause harm to plants by pruning them incorrectly.  However, pruning a plant the wrong way is often like getting a bad haircut; the hair will grow back.  Though a poorly pruned plant may look terrible before the new growing season, most of the time the plant will survive just fine.  One way to ensure that plants are pruned correctly and the chance of harm is reduced is by keeping the tools in good shape.  This involves keeping them clean and sharpened.  Pruning plants correctly also involves making a clean cut and considering the plant's growth habit.  The part of pruning

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