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  1. Reaching the finals of Show Garden with Pro Gardens Ltd

    Reaching the finals of Show Garden with Pro Gardens Ltd

    This year, Pro Gardens Ltd have reached the finals of the Show Garden competition at BBC Gardeners’ World. We caught up with them to find out what is going to happen on the day, what we can expect to see from them, and a bit more about their gardening style. Check out our interview!

    Our interview with Pro Gardens Ltd

    1. You’re in the finals of the Show Garden competition at BBC Gardeners’ World Live this year, can you give us any insight into what we might expect to see from you on the day?

    We wanted to create something that both adults and children could enjoy separately and together in both a physical sense whilst creating a shared deep connection. Everyone has a memory of playing in a garden as a child, the adventures and stories you created within your imagination. When you see, children doing the same thing, you are transported back to that time in your childhood whi

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  2. Chelsea Fringe Festival 2017: What you need to know

    Chelsea Fringe Festival 2017: What you need to know

    With this year’s Chelsea Fringe Festival fast approaching, we spoke to Tim Richardson again, festival director of the Chelsea Fringe Festival, to find out a bit more about what we can expect at this year’s festival.

    What to expect at the 2017 Chelsea Fringe Festival

    1. This year’s Chelsea Fringe festival is only a month away, can you give any inside information about what to expect?

    The great thing about the Fringe is that we genuinely don’t know quite what to expect. Every year I am surprised and delighted by what turns up, and every year events come in a form which I was not quite expecting. At the Fringe, we see this as a good thing! So take your pick and dive in….

    2. Do you have any high-profile attendees this year?

    We don&r

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  3. Charlie 4x4 Playhouse Giveaway

    Charlie 4x4 Playhouse Giveaway

    We are hosting the giveaway over on our Shedstore Facebook Page

    To be in with the chance of winning this excellent 4x4 Charlie Playhouse, all you need to do is – ‘LIKE’ our Facebook page, ‘LIKE’ one of the competition posts and then ‘SHARE’ the post on your own wall for your friends to see.

    Deadline is Monday 1st May at midnight and the winner will be announced the following day – Tuesday 2nd May.
    GOOD LUCK everyone!

    Terms and Conditions:

    • This competition is for UK residents only.
    • You must be over 21 years old to enter this competition.
    • Deadline for prize draw entry: midnight of Monday 1st May 2017
    • There is no voucher or cash alternative.

    In order to be entered for the prize you must follow the steps below:

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    • Charlie 4×4 Playhouse Giveaway

      Charlie 4×4 Playhouse Giveaway
      It’s giveaway time again here at Shedstore!

      We are hosting the giveaway over on our Shedstore Facebook Page

      To be in with the chance of winning this excellent 4×4 Charlie Playhouse, all you need to do is – ‘LIKE’ our Facebook page, ‘LIKE’ one of the competition posts and then ‘SHARE’ the post on your own wall for your friends

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    • Greenhouse design ideas

      A greenhouse allows you to garden earlier in the year and well into winter. In fact, there's something you can be getting on with all the year round once you have a greenhouse in place.
      Most greenhouses have to be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. That's because they are usually a focal point in a garden’s design. And so they should be – a wooden greenhouse bursting with sun ripened tomatoes is a joy to behold.

      The practicality of a good greenhouse comes down to its usable space. You want as much glass or polycarbonate as possible – then your plants can grow healthily. You also need as big a greenhouse as your space or wallet can afford. Ask any greenhouse owner and all will say that they wished that they'd gone for the next size up. Even in winter when growing is at its lowest point, you will have overwintering plants, potted up onion sets ready for the great outdoors, and seed packets dotted around ready for spring all jostling for space. In

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    • How to build a garden office

      More people are working from home than ever and many do so from an office in their garden. And why not? It saves all that tiresome commuting and with internet connections generally being better than ever, communication is easy. And if surrounded by plants and wildlife, surely the standard of work is better? A garden office is therefore one of the must have features of a modern garden.

      Obviously, you have to stay legal so always check with your local council to see if any permissions are needed before erecting any building. Have a chat with the neighbours at the same time – get everyone on board and the whole process is easier.

      Choosing an office for the garden is the exciting bit. Whatever you decide upon has to be right for your work and the garden. A building shouldn't dominate a garden design to the detriment of the rest of your patch yet it needs to be large enough to accommodate your needs now and for any future expansion.

      Once you have any permiss

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    • The best log cabin interiors

      Once installed, your log cabin could look a little bare. It's a fair bet to say you know what you want from your log cabin, unless it was a surprise present – lucky you; no matter the final use, the first step is to make sure your new space is warm in winter and cool in summer.

      Heating could be vital to the cabin’s use in the colder months. Wood burners, when correctly installed, are fantastic in log cabins: they blend in, they belong, they just look right. They also pump out an enormous amount of heat making your outdoor space toasty when there's snow and ice all around. Combine that with a comfy chair or two and you may find that you don't actually leave the cabin for days on end (if it is fully plumbed in). Your log cabin may 'just' (just!) be a play room for the family. Heat is still needed but perhaps a storage heater is more suitable than getting a wood burner stoked up and crackling.

      Conversely, blinds on windows will shade the interior from any sc

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    • Shed base options

      It is false economy to plonk a brand new shed directly on the soil. It is inevitable that the soil will move, causing the shed to tip, slope and slant. The door won't open or shut correctly and, if made of wood, water will ingress causing premature rotting. You need a shed base and it’s best to do it before your shed goes down.

      Bearers are the name of the game for many people. They are pressure treated, pieces of wood (or bearers!) that do sit directly on the soil. The shed is then placed onto the bearers and usually bolted down. That slight gap beneath the floor allows air circulation that in turn results in a long-lasting floor. The bearers support the shed.

      The same principle applies to putting a shed on a hard surface such as paving, stone or concrete. First of all, the hard surface has to be level, firm and if mortar has been used – absolutely set (or as many builders say, 'gone off') before any weight is put on top of it. It's that levelling that is

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    • How to turn your shed into the perfect storage space

      How to turn your shed into the perfect storage space

      Most sheds are big enough for your needs. Honest. It's just they are crammed with broken garden furniture, antique paint cans and a miscellany of plastic sacks. Not to mention those pieces of random off cuts of wood that will come in handy one day. No, they won't – so tidy up, go to the recycling centre, offer things on giveaway sites or even hire a skip to see what you've really got.

      Get rid of the old junk

      Once the rubbish is away from the scene, it is highly rewarding to take everything out of the shed and plan the reconstruction carefully. It's also a great chance to repair all those holes and that leaky roof. The resident mouse won't thank you but your shed will be better for it.

      Add some shelving

      Right – you need some shelving. Every shed needs shelving to store the various containers of 'stuff' for the garden. It's simple to put shelves up in a wooden shed, a bit trickier in metal bodied structures but still possible. Suddenly t

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    • How to build a greenhouse

      How to build a greenhouse

      In a word – carefully. In two words – with help. In three words – do it well. A greenhouse extends the gardening year at both ends. It brings spring forward and puts winter back. It also allows you to grow a whole manner of plants you would only ever dream of – aubergines, melons, orchids and cacti. All within your reach with a greenhouse.

      Building your greenhouse

      Once your greenhouse arrives you will, of course, have already created a firm and level surface. Think of slabs or a concrete pad. Never imagine just putting it onto soil or grass. If you do, it will move and shift, cracking glass, creating a door that never opens (or shuts) and generally looking a right old mess. Solid, firm foundations are necessary as your greenhouse, if put up correctly, should last for decades.

      First, identify all the parts. Lay them out and check you have everything. Then, and this may be a novelty to a lot of people, take the time to read the instruc

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