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  1. Clever Garden Tool Storage Ideas to Try This Year

    The Importance of Tool Storage

    Quality garden tools are worth looking after. And that starts with careful and clever storage in a shed or garage. This not only keeps them and you safe from accidents, it also makes them easily accessible as and when you need them. Keeping tools tidy needn’t be an expensive project.

    Shed Hooks

    Dowelling to hang garden tools

    A few nails to hang garden tools

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  2. Storage Ideas for Wooden Garages

    Storage Ideas for Wooden Garages

    A garage only becomes a great garage when everything is tidy, tucked away safely, and easily accessible. Simply throwing everything in and slamming shut the door isn’t good enough. And just think, with a little organisation there may even be room for your car. There’s a novel thought! Take a look at some of our top storage ideas.

    wooden garage storage shelving unit


    It is easy to bolt and screw simple shelving to a wooden garage. Always make sure that whatever you use is securely fitted as the weight put onto shelves and units can be large. Sawn down planks of wood are often a first choice, but a 4-tier bolted black shelving unit is e

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  3. Top 5 Uses for Corner Sheds

    Top 5 Uses for Corner Sheds

    Top 5 Uses for a Corner Shed

    A corner shed makes full use of those awkward spots in the garden and can, with a little creativity and imagination, be much more than a simple shed.

    Running power to a shed opens up a lot of possibilities. Lighting will help you use the shed beyond the hours of daylight and can convert a shed, with a little insulation, into anything from a home office to a back-garden pub. We look at some different ideas to help you make the most of your shed this year.

    Relaxation Space

    10x10 Alpine Aspen Log Cabin

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  4. What are the Benefits of a Lean to Greenhouse?

    What are the Benefits of a Lean to Greenhouse?

    Your Guide to Buying a Lean to Greenhouse

    A greenhouse makes so much more of the gardening year: you can start growing early in spring; you can finish late in autumn; and you can keep things looking great over winter.

    But a greenhouse can take up a lot of space. You do after all need a few feet all around a traditional greenhouse for maintenance and to allow light into the structure. So, if you want a greenhouse but are limited on space, look no further than a lean to greenhouse. They are fantastic.

    A lean to does what it says in the name – they lean against a wall. I’ve seen them leaning against sturdy fencing to great effect. The pent shape roof then slopes downwards and, voila, you have a superb growing area.

    The benefits of a lean to greenhouse

    Size: Lean-tos can be small – capable of growing a growbag of tomatoes or a few tender plants – or as big as

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  5. The Benefits of a Garden Storage Box

    The Benefits of a Garden Storage Box

    If you don't have a lot of spare space in your garden or simply want quick and easy access to your everyday gardening items, then a garden storage box is the perfect solution. There are plenty of styles to choose from, many use different materials in their manufacture, but all keep your belongings dry, safely tucked up and ready for use.

    What are the benefits of a garden storage box?

    1. Secure your gardening tools
    2. Keep electric and metal equipment dry to avoid rust
    3. Take up less space than s shed
    4. Can be chosen or painted to suit your existing garden theme

    Choosing a garden storage box

    Wooden storage boxes

    Wooden storage boxes are a popular choice as they blend naturally into most garden settings, are robust, can be painted or stained to keep up with the latest gardening trends and are lockable. Did I mention they are easily put toget

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  6. Shed Designs to Suit Every Garden

    Choose the Right Shed for You and Your Garden

    Here at Shedstore, we offer a wide range of shed designs to cater to your shed storage and garden needs. These come in a variety of sizes too. Have a look through our wooden shed design guide to see which one is best for your needs. Need more help? Call our friendly, knowledgeable customer service team and they’ll be happy to help you figure out which shed is best for you. Click on images for further product details.

    Traditional Apex Garden Shed Designs

    Nothing beats the traditional design of an apex shed. A mini-house designed for all your gardening bits and bobs, machinery, and tools – not forgetting garden furniture and bikes. An essential part of the garden and home, a traditional apex shed will last for years.

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  7. The Best Shed Storage Ideas This Year

    Optimise your shed with these storage ideas

    Installing a shed is only part of getting the best from your garden. Making full use of all available space within the shed is of paramount importance. Hooks will keep bulky, unwieldy items off the floor and make use of wall space. Shelving, pegboards for tools and any sets of drawers all help keep gardening items neatly stacked away. Keep hand tools and anything you use on a daily or weekly basis to hand. Less used items can be stored in corners and hard to reach spots. And only store what you use. Don’t let your shed become a dumping ground for rubbish or a museum to old paint pots. Keep it pristine and clean with some of these great shed storage ideas.

    Shed Shelving Units

    Every shed needs a few sturdy shelves to help support the weight of bags of compost, tools, and seed trays. Free-standing and easy to assem

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  8. The Best Potting Shed Designs

    A potting shed is a special shed with a purpose of its very own. It is designed for us gardeners who love to grow-your-own, nurture seedlings into plants and spend hours pottering in the shed. Perhaps they should be called pottering sheds instead? Here we look at a few different potting shed designs that allow us pottering gardeners the best environment and storage for growing.

    Potting Shed Designs

    Potting sheds are the perfect solution to growing seedlings and plants in a garden where there isn’t space for a dedicated greenhouse. Combining the best of both worlds, you will have plenty of space for all your storage needs and masses of growing area to raise your tender seedlings.

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  9. Use Our Shed Plans To Build Your Shed

    Use Our Shed Plans To Build Your Shed

    How to Build Your Shed

    Building your shed need not be as daunting a task as you think. Our plans and instructions aim to help you every step of the way. Read through these top tips for building your shed first:

    15x10 Windsor Garden Workshop ShedSpace

    Before installing your shed, ensure your space is big enough. Sounds obvious – but it’s always good advice to measure twice and install once. Remember to leave space around the shed for maintenance.

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  10. Wooden Shed Designs

    Wooden Shed Designs

    Which Wooden Shed Design is Best For You?

    Here at Shedstore, we offer a wide range of wooden shed designs to cater for your shed storage and space needs. These come in a variety of sizes too. Have a look through our wooden shed designs gallery to see which shed is best for your needs. Need more help? Call our friendly, knowledgeable customer service team and they’ll be happy to help you figure out which shed is best for you.


    Traditional Apex Garden Sheds

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