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  1. The Shedstore Blog's Gardening To Do List - January

    The seasonal fesitivities are over and life returns to normal. It's time to get back out in the gardn. So, here are the key garden chores you need to take care of this month. Enjoy your time in the garden this January!

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  2. Shedstore’s Log Cabin Buying Guide

    Shedstore’s Log Cabin Buying Guide

    Buying a log cabin will probably be the biggest purchase that you’ll ever make for your garden. Therefore, it’s essential to get it right.

    If you do your homework, your log cabin will open up a whole new world of possibilities and add value to your property, because a log cabin is a true garden building in every sense of the word.

    Our log cabin buying guide addresses the questions that you need to ask yourself before buying a log cabin.

    Do this and your new garden cabin will exceed your expectations in such a way that you’ll be able to look back, with satisfaction, at the best purchase you ever made.

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  3. Why Gazebos Benefit Any Outdoor Area

    Why Gazebos Benefit Any Outdoor Area

    A garden gazebo offers something special to any outdoor area.

    Eye-catching, attractive and practical too, owning a gazebo is a real statement of intent and shows that you like to make the most of your outdoor space.

    What’s more, a gazebo can be used in more circumstances than you might initially imagine.

    Consider the following scenarios and you’ll see what we mean.

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  4. What Is Cladding Thickness?

    What Is Cladding Thickness?

    Cladding is the material that makes up the outer structure of a garden building; in other words, the walls, floor and roof.

    The measurements given in shed, summer house and log cabin descriptions, relating to these features, are referring to their thickness.

    Here we guide you through all you need to know about cladding.

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  5. Container Gardening for Autumn

    Container Gardening for Autumn

    Just because summer has fizzled out doesn’t mean you can pack everything away and hibernate. Leave that for the bears in the woods.

    Clean down and plant up your containers for instant colour and continued interest until 2020 brings whatever 2020 fancies. Read on to find out all you need to know about autumn container gardening.


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  6. The Best Security Sheds

    The Best Security Sheds

    Some sheds are expressly designed and marketed as security sheds, while others offer excellent levels of security as part of an all-round high-quality build.

    If you want an exceptionally secure shed, some of the features you should look for are a robust structure, a strong lock or padlock fixing, an absence of accessible windows, security bolts and hidden hinges.

    This list is by no means exhaustive and different manufacturers frequently develop new ways of ensuring their sheds offer high levels of security.

    These are 5 of our favourite market-leading security sheds. Read on to find out why…

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  7. A Fresh Look at Garden Seating

    A Fresh Look at Garden Seating

    Garden Seating Has Moved On

    Garden seating has changed immeasurably from the days when most people used to relax outdoors on a pair of rusty, old deckchairs.

    Nowadays, there are a whole host of beautifully designed outdoor seats available, suitable for almost any occasion.

    We believe that garden seating should be as well-made and stylish as the furniture in our lounges or dining rooms.

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  8. The Shedstore Blog's Gardening To Do List - August

    Garden To Do List for August

    Hello August!

    The key tasks for an organised, growing, healthy garden for this month are:

    1. Water all containers

    Plants growing in containers get thirsty. Consider fitting micro irrigation to your pots if you are going away on holiday for a fortnight (only if your neighbours can’t do your watering tasks!) and definitely group pots together in a shadier part of the garden. Even sun lovers will put up with a little bit of shade if it means less stress and lots of water from a handy hosepipe or watering can. 

    Water the surface of the compost and DO NOT spray over the foliage.

    2. Trim conifer hedges

    Now is a great time to trim up

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  9. The Shedstore Blog's Gardening To Do List - September

    Garden To Do List for September

    Hello September!

    The key tasks for an organised, growing, healthy garden for this month are:

    1. Clean greenhouses

    While the weather is still warm, get as much out the greenhouse as you can and give it a good clean. Compost, old leaves and general debris all encourage disease. If your cucumbers and tomatoes haven't finished, just clean around them.

    2. Plant spring flowering bulbs

    If there is ever a month for bulb planting, this is it. From daffodils and crocuses to lilies and alliums, plant as many bulbs as you can. Plant them in pots, planters or soil - just plant them! They will start to grow their roots before winter takes h

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  10. Using Solar Power in Garden Buildings

    Using Solar Power in Garden Buildings

    Add power to your shed or summer house without an electrician

    To make the most out of any shed, workshop, summerhouse or log cabin, you need to have lighting and power.

    This does not mean paying the high costs of an electrician laying cables under the lawn and wiring the outdoor building up to the mains. Instead, the easiest and most cost effective choice is to use solar power in garden buildings.

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