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Garden Power Tools

Keeping your garden in good order takes time and patience. However, with a good arsenal of garden power tools you can make life easier so that you can focus on the more fun jobs, like planting.

We have a great selection of garden tools from lawn trimmers, mowers, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, chain saws to even high-pressure washers for you to choose from. We supply Grizzly branded high quality garden power tools, they're a name you can trust with over 10 years of selling experience across europe.   

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Petrol Vs. Electric Lawn Mowers

Electric powered lawn mowers

Unlike their petrol counterparts, electric mowers need very little maintenance and are generally light weight. You simply have to plug them in and get mowing and so are perfect for most garden lawns. You are only limited by power cord length, so these are designed for small to medium home gardens. You should only really cut dry grass and it's best to use a circuit breaker to ensure safety.  

Petrol lawn mowers

The first thing you will notice is that petrol models of mower are more expensive than their electric counterparts. You also need to be aware that they will need regular maintenance. For instance, you'll need to change the engine oil regularly and the air / fuel filters will need periodic cleaning and occasionally replaced.

That said, petrol lawn mowers are far more powerful than their electric counterparts, are designed to used more regularly and so are more hard-wearing. If you have a larger sized garden it is really worth investing in a petrol mower, as you don't need to worry about the power cord.

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