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Is apex better than pent? - Friday, January 24, 2014

Is apex better than pent?

 Yes. Or no. Or sometimes. It depends! 

An apex roof is the traditional look to a shed or garden building. It is, after all, a scaled down version of most houses. And they are perfect where you have space to be able to walk around the shed and are wonderful as you have two long sides to connect guttering to catch all that lovely rainfall and divert into a water butt or two. In a shed with an apex roof, you have great headroom down the middle and, depending on the angle of apex, plenty of storage space all around. Traditional, practical and great looking. 

Pent, however, is the space saving lean-to relative. A shed with a pent roof is ideal for putting up against a wall or fence or nuzzling into a corner. Guttering can be connected along the front of the shed below the roof line and easily attached to a water butt or two (connect two as one will fill quickly in wet weather). Inside a shed with a pent roof, you have one high side of shed perfect for racking out or storing taller items, with the pent sloping down. There's plenty of space inside – a pent version makes full use of smaller spaces outside. 

Is apex better than pent? A politician gardener would say it rather depends. And it does! 

If you want to learn more about pent and apex sheds take a look at our useful videos below.











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