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Guide: How to Build a Wooden Shed

Once you have bought your perfect shed it's just a matter of putting it up and this is easier that you might think. Quite often you can have your shed up and ready in around three hours. All you need is a few tools, someone to help you and basic DIY skills.

View our video guide to installing a shed below:

Before you begin, you will need to ensure that you have a solid and level hardstanding unto which you can build your shed. You need this to keep your shed square, stable and to prevent warping that can lead to damage. For hardstanding you can use levelled concrete, patio slabs or one of our timber or plastic shed base kits. If using concrete or slabs, you will need to make this 50 mm larger than your sheds footprint.

Things you will need to build a shed:

  • Building instructions, which you have read thoroughly
  • Hammer
  • Drill and bits
  • Step ladder
  • Spirit level
  • Sharp craft knife

Now you are ready to begin building your new garden shed

Building the your shed walls:

  • Firstly, read the instructions
  • Layout out the components near to where they will go
  • If not already attached, fix the doors and secure
  • On your level hardstanding, lay out the shed floor
  • Next, drill pilot holes to the top, middle and bottom of the sides of the your frames
  • Position the back wall and fix it to one of the side panels, using the pilot holes
  • Then repeat until all the walls are upright and free standing
  • Drill holes through the walls and into the base
  • Lastly, fix the walls to the base with screws

Building the roof of your shed:

  • Fix the longe timber battens to the roof panels, one needs to be flush the other needs to be offset
  • Attach the z-brackets the shorter battens
  • Fix the shorter battens to the sheds gable ends, about halfway up
  • Add the roof panels to shed walls
  • cut the felt into three sections
  • Tack the first two sections of felt to each roof panel
  • Fix the last section of felt over the top of the other two sections, between the two roof panels
  • Fix the barge boards to the front of the roof and tidy the ends of the felt
Shed base kits

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