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Guide: Felting your shed roof

In order to protect the contents of your shed, it makes sense to ensure the roof is water proof. Most shed roofs are covered with felt, which is an easy way to water proof the roof. If this is torn or damaged and needs replacing, this guide will guide you through reapplying the felt to the roof.

View our video guide for felting a shed roof:

You will need the following when felting your shed roof:

  • A good hammer
  • Step ladder
  • A spirit level
  • Craft knife

Felting your shed roof:

  • Measure the size of your sheds roof
  • Cut three lengths of felt which are 10 cm longer that the length of your sheds roof
  • Tack on the first two lengths of felt across each roof panel
  • The third length needs to go over the other two and across the peak of the roof
  • Tack down the overhanging felt and cover with the barge board

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