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How to treat your shed - Friday, July 25, 2014

If you maintain your car with regular servicing, it lasts longer. If you go to the dentist every six months for a check-up, your teeth will last for ages. Same thing goes for your shed – a little bit of regular care and attention will reap rewards.

If your shed is wooden, a preservative will not only colour the structure to help it blend into your garden design, it will also prevent the wood from decaying and rotting. And preservative is easy to apply.

There are some simple steps to making what can be a messy job easier so much easier:

  • Choose your colour carefully as a bright red or blue might be all the rage now (it isn't!) and it may be garish once you've finished.
  • Measure the area to be painted and buy accordingly – if the wood of your shed is dry, it will soak up the preservative. If you can, buy an extra can and keep it safe. There is nothing worse than needing a few splashes of preservative to finish the job on a Sunday evening, running out and the shops have closed. Or even worse, nipping out and they've sold out. You can always take the clean, unopened can back if you don't need it (or save it for patching up once everything is dried and you spot the section you have missed).
  • Choose a dry day when no rain is forecast. Most preservatives dry within hours but it is always best to allow a whole day for complete drying.
  • Put plenty of sheets down to mop up the drips and spillages.
  • Take windows out to enable easy access to frames to get the look right.
  • Don't rush the job – that's when you kick the can over or miss a bit.
  • Use the correct brush or sprayer to apply the preservative. Spraying is undoubtedly quicker but can be messier – and you'll still need a brush for those tricky corners.
  • Be prepared to apply a second coat as wood, especially untreated or old wood in need of nourishment, will soak up preservative at different rates.

Treating the wood is only part of your tender love and care programme. Have a weekly check of the roof felt to look for rips or where any roofing is coming away. Tack or nail anything that is loose back in position. If any panels have rotten, get them repaired to stop vermin finding a way in. The simple job of oiling or greasing hinges and locks will ensure all is well in the shed.  A little love goes a long way with a wooden shed. 

If you want to learn more about the treatment process take a look at our video below.
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