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How to safely add a plug to a shed - Monday, November 24, 2014

For those who have opted to transform the old garden shed into a retreat away from the hustle and bustle of home life, electricity is a necessity. If you want to make the transformation, check out this fantastic guide which details how to fix up any old garden shed. Once the shed is back to top shape, follow either one of these guides to create a garden cocktail shed or an office. Even if you just want a plug socket for the shed that’s storing items, we will now explore how to add electricity. 

Adding a plug socket is not something anyone can do. Unless you are a qualified Electrician do not even think about adding power yourself. 
Adding electricity now requires you to meet the conditions of the Part P Building regulations. Any form of secondary electricity unit other than your home will require you to apply and meet the regulations which maintain safe and sound environments to live/work in. Once you have been approved paying the fee of usually around £200 its time to find a trained electrician. 

When looking for an electrician, find one who is clearly trained and has the certificates to prove it. Bodge job electricians can cause disastrous problems and cause more money then what you wanted to pay. If damage is caused to your home or neighbours, you are liable for the fees and not him. Online you will find dedicated websites and forums that will lead you to professionals who know exactly what they are doing and can add electricity to your shed with great ease. 

When it comes to having the cable fitted you have a few choices. Through the air, underground or overground. We recommend underground as this is the safest option for the cable. Although creating a hole is challenging if you have a larger garden, you do not have to worry about accidental damage to the wire which could cause fatal consequences. Overground is good for a quick fix however as mentioned, it only takes an accident to cause serious harm. Running the cable through the air removes the chance of damage from mowing for example but can still lead to accidents. All trained electricians will recommend underground cabling. 

Once the approval is given, it’s very simple for the electrician to add the plug socket. A skilled man will have the job done within the day. Once the wire is added to the shed and the plug socket is fitted, checks must be taken to ensure that the plug socket is safe and ready to use. The building manager will be sent out to check over the job and then either certify or decline your power addition. 

There is nothing like a heater in a shed during the winter, but remember, do not take the risk. Get someone who knows what they are doing to undertake the job and do not attempt it yourselves like online guides suggest. It’s simply not worth the risk. 

If your shed is looking a little worse for wear and you want to begin installing electricity in a new garden shed instead then take a look at the range we have to offer
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