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How to choose the right garden sheds? - Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How to choose the right garden sheds?

Shedstore offers a great range of sheds, all different sizes, treatments, and purposes, everything you can think of. “How to choose” is the difficult part, I suppose it all depends on what purpose you need the shed to provide, whether it is, bike storage, general garden items, or heavy duty garden equipment.


Why should you buy a shed?

A garden shed is a great addition to any home as they add that additional, useful storage space; perhaps you may have been looking for to store all of your tools, furniture or gardening equipment. Not only that, you can transform a standard shed into a summer house, a gym, an office, or even go all the way and create a guest house.


If you do choose to buy a shed and transform your garden, read our advice regarding things to consider.



The size of the shed is a very important feature to consider as you need to be sure you have the room to install in your garden, as well as what you will need your shed for. You may decide that you need a double door on your shed, for a more flexible, practical working area.




Dip treated sheds

Our dip treatment ensures a 10 year anti-rot guarantee provided that your building is isolated from ground contact and regularly re-treated with a timber preservative, keeping you shed looking brand new!


Pressure treated sheds

The treatment has been forced into the timber at high pressure giving a longer expected service life and removing the need for annual re-treatment. Our pressure treated products typically come with a 15 year anti-rot guarantee. 


Roof type

There are a few different roof types to choose from. Choosing your roof design may depend on where you will be positioning your shed, the classic apex style is the two roof panels fitting together creating a triangular point at the top (vertex), generally, this style is known as the most popular choice, you may decide you like this style but would like the door on the other side, therefore there is a reverse apex design whereby the door is on the longest panel.


Pent roof sheds are ideal for gardens with lots of trees, as it’s a slanted panel, slanting towards the back of the shed, leaving the door on the highest side. This type also gives you a range of internal space for storing all sized items, small and large.


Window options


A shed with windows or a shed without windows? Depending on how secure you would like your shed, we recommend sheds without the window feature, so that all of your garden essentials are hidden away and safe. Unless of course you have a strong, reliable locking system on the shed then you could choose the shed with windows. The benefit with windows is that, when you need to potter around inside, you still get that sunlight shining through, making it easier for you to complete your jobs indoors.





Prices range depending on what you are looking for, the bigger the shed generally means the more money and the timber treatment can also be a reason for prices ranging. You may have set yourself a budget, you may not. If you know exactly what you want to buy, it will be easy with one price; however it can become tricky when you don’t know what you’re buying and you need to compare shed features and prices. Either way we are sure you will find the right shed and the right price for you.




After you have bought the shed, you will need to think about installation. You might have already bought the installation with the shed, although if this wasn’t suited to you, you will need to think outside the box and get in touch with a local company, competent enough to successfully erect your shed.


If you want to find out more about some of our sheds, take a look at our video below
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