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How do I get rid of a bees nest under my shed? - Monday, March 10, 2014

As spring approaches us, many gardeners get out in their gardens, tidying up the mess from winter, revitalising the plants and flowers, treating the soil and rearranging the pots and beds.

You may be an expert when it comes to the garden, however there will be times when you need to let someone else take over, such as bee’s nests, and this is the time of year when they are all out searching for the pollen and making a nuisance in your garden. It may seem silly to take such serious action when they are around, however, it must be done. For example, if they happen to make nests underneath your garden shed, you need to stay clear! It’s recommended that you get in touch with pest control as soon as possible, do not try to remove them yourself. – It’s more complicated than what you’d imagine.

The garden shed is usually the focus point to a garden, maybe it is just a storage space but you can get your hands on decorative builds which suit your area, the designs can really make a difference.

Perhaps you’d prefer a summerhouse this year, upgrade from the standard, classic garden shed. We have a lovely range, how nice would it be to arrive home from work during the summer and relax in your garden/summerhouse.

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Image: Google Images, Bee, Kindawarped.com

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