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It's winter, time to consider garden storage options - Thursday, January 17, 2013

Garden Storage Options

It's amazing how quickly we accumulate garden paraphernalia, from the obvious mower or strimmer to BBQs, compost packs or even garden furniture. If your garden is too small for a shed, you might still want some where to tidy away these items. Maybe you only have a balcony, but still want to be able to store away outdoor furniture in winter.

During winter it is also vital that you have a place to securely and safely store away your outdoor tools and equipment.

So what are my garden storage options for storing my bike or garden furniture?

Storage Chests and Units

Storage units and chests are a real asset during Winter and wont take up too much of your precious garden space. They will also give you peace of mind that your valuable tools and equipment are protected form the elements and stored securely. At Shedstore, we have a variety of units to choose from so you can truly find what you are looking for.

All our garden storage options come in a range of sizes and styles, from tall stores to low-level seating or even benches. These are available in a range of materials:

  • Timber storage units
  • Our wooden storage chests offer a traditional style which will easily blend into your garden. They can be tall wall stores or lower chest units to suit your space requirements. You can easily paint them with decorative treatments to embellish the style of your garden.

  • Plastic Stores
  • The range of plastic storage units available have the advantage of being durable and highly portable. These are available in a range of shapes and sizes including garden seats and benches – the perfect camouflage.

  • Metal Storage
  • These are a secure and robust option and are generally fire retardant, making them ideal for use in caravan parks. As with other materals, metal storage units are available in a range of shapes and sizes, from the roll-top unit to a secure gas cylinder store. In addition, we have a range of large storage units which are great for putting away old furniture for longterm storage.

    Bike Storage

    If you're a keen cyclist, you'll want to store your bike in a secure and safe place which is protected from elements. With Theft from gardens on the increase, having a safe place to store your bike is becoming more important.

    As we hit the heights of Winter, your shed or garage might be more full that usual and so access to your bike might be restricted. So its an ideal to consider a dedicated bike store and here at Shedstore we have several options to meet your needs.

  • Bike Storage Tents
  • If you live in rented accommodation, it's not always practical to put up a shed in the garden. Equally, you may not have the space in your garden for a full on shed and may need a more temporary structure. Fortunately, we have bike tents which will protect your bike whilst not costing the earth.

  • Timber Bicycle Stores
  • These wooden offerings have a more natural and aesthetically pleasing look, which can easily be altered using decorative treatments. The felted roofs and lids ensure a damp free environment ot store your sheds. These can store anything from single bike to several, with either single side or double doors for easy access.

  • Metal Bike Storage
  • Galvanised steel bike stores are very secure, lockable and often include shelving to be used to store your garden tools and small equipment. Best of all, these stores require little to no maintenance.

    Log Stores

    Now we're in Winter there is nothing nicer than to have a roaring open fire to take away the chill. For this you will need to maintain a well kept stock of firewood. You will need to ensure that the logs are dried out and remain dry, otherwise much of the heat generated by your open fire will be lost to boiling off the moisture.

    Luckily we have an array of log storage solutions to help you to store and season your fire logs. These log stores come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit you. Each has a slatted design that is perfect for promoting air flow, which in turn leads to a drier, more efficient fuel source. In addition, our log stores keep your firewood off the ground and away from damp.

    Your logs will dry from the outside in, so it is vital that you don't tightly pack together your firewood.During the Winter months, you could move your log store to a less exposed location to keep the logs dry and ready for use.

    If you need some additional storage for winter, check out our video showcasing some of the small storage options we have to offer.

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