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Summer Additions for your Shed - Thursday, June 25, 2015

With summer just around the corner, many of us are starting to take to our gardens once again. The benefits to the pursuit are endless. We're happier, healthier, and generally have better-off bank accounts because of the pursuit when we're growing our own produce. However, our storage sheds can sometimes take a back seat. After all, they're usually “out of sight and out of mind”, so they can suffer from years of neglect that can turn our gardens into unpleasant eyesores. Let's take a look at some ways to help reverse this in order to create the most desirable summer sheds this season.

Shelving Units

One of the most pivotal things we can do for our shed is to get it organised. This is exactly where shelving units come into play. Shelves come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different interiors, but a general rule is that all of our belongings that should be off the floor, should be off the floor. This sets a rudimentary guideline when it comes to purchasing shelves.

Fortunately, shelving units is one area where shed owners can skip when it comes to cost. Lower priced shelving units aren't likely to be significantly hindered when it comes to quality, but this largely depends on the amount of weight being placed on them. A smaller, thinner shelf isn't likely to be able to support the same type of weight that thicker, longer shelves will be able to handle. However, shed owners should be wary of the walls they're using to support shelves. While it's unlikely, it is certainly possible that shelving units with too significant of a load could easily tear walls or make the entire unit structurally unsound; leading to danger down the line. This is best avoided altogether.

Security is playing an important role in sheds today, so shelving units are best purchased with lockable sliding drawers. This helps keeps the contents out of view from prying eyes and having some degree of protection against theft. It shouldn't in any way provide the sole means of protection though.

Locks and Alarms

One of the most important things shed owners can do is purchase a good, heavy duty lock for their shed door and secure any windows that are exposed to the public. There's simply no better way to help ensure the contents remain protected than by using a large, thick-shackled lock of at least 60mm. This will not only provide a visual deterrent to would-be thieves, but also provides a more difficult prying or cutting experience for thieves. As a general rule, the thicker the lock, the more advanced of equipment the thief will need to bring and/or the stronger the thieves themselves will need to be to cut the lock. This should be the best incentive to purchase the thickest lock a door will accommodate since many will simply move onto cheaper, thinner locks that prove to be easier to cut.

Similarly, alarm units for sheds aren't all that uncommon. These often operate on batteries and should be checked periodically to ensure their working function, but provide the highest level of visual deterrent to thieves. These should be accented by the decals that are usually provided with kits in order to create the most secure presence around a shed.


Sheds that have been left in a rather crude or dilapidated state will likely be showing wear and tear throughout the structure. This is where wood-protecting treatment comes into play. It is available in a variety of colours and helps reinforce the natural strength of wood so that it is able to withstand the elements for longer periods of time. Most wood treatments usually provide protection for up to five years, but should ideally be retreated biannually to ensure complete coverage and protection.

Similarly, this should also be the time to get in to the shed and patch up any cracks, holes, and sagging boards that make the structure unsafe. This can be done using a variety of readily available wood products, like wood glue and plaster, and should be done prior to any wood treatment to ensure even coverage and protection.

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