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Shedworking: The Alternative Workplace Revolution - Friday, June 25, 2010


Once in a while a great book about sheds comes along. This is such a book, and we would like to recommend it to you.

The book is called "Shedworking: The Alternative Workplace Revolution" by Alex Johnson.

You can buy the book at amazon for prices around £8-£16.

"Shedworking is an photo illustrated handbook which no shed worker or shed owner will want to be without. The book features shed workers and shed builders from around the World who are leading the alternative workplace revolution, and looks at why shed-working is a better greener way of working, improves work-life-balance and increases your productivity. It is inspired by the author's website which has been internationally acclaimed for the groundbreaking scale of its architectural coverage, featuring many previously unpublished images of garden offices and shed-like atmospheres, offices on roofs, sheds inside 'traditional' offices and on wheels, as well as cutting edge Le Corbusier designed models for the back garden, all-glass shed offices and buildings 'built' using living trees. Along the way it offers a whistle-stop tour of famous sheds from Pliny the Younger's summerhouse and the composing retreats of nineteenth century composers Edvard Grieg and Gustav Mahler to award-winning twenty-first century fantasy writer Neil Gaiman's gazebo. In short, Shedworking offers a manifesto for those wanting to change their working lives for the better and go to work in the garden." [Source: amazon]

Fancy something a bit bigger than the standard shed?  Check out our larger options, or take a look at our video below on the different uses of log cabins, including how they can be used as a workspace. 

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